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Dr. Stacey Cochran

Meet Your Professor: Dr. Stacey Cochran

How innovative writing practices improve our brain's ability to adapt, so we can overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.

Dr. Molly Gebrian

Meet Your Professor: Dr. Molly Gebrian

A violist with a background in neuroscience, Dr. Gebrian uses music and memory research to improve practice and performance.

Jenny smiling

A STEM-inist on a Mission

There’s nothing that can stop Jenny Herrera, a first-generation college student who has ambition down to a science.

Alex Alvarez, wearing a microphone

This Future Doctor is Teaching Old Medical Tech New Tricks

Alex Alvarez is a dual-degree doctoral candidate whose passions for medicine and engineering are bringing life-saving technology to underserved communities.

three students smiling

My Wildcat Moment

How will you know you belong at the University of Arizona? Take these students’ word for it: you’ll just know.

Harrison standing in front of Old Main

Three Tips For First-Year Success, From a Graduating Student

Are you thinking about becoming a Wildcat? Meet Harrison, an Arizona senior and first-gen college student who’s ready to tell you all about his time in Tucson. What’s he discovered? What would he do differently? And what can you learn from his experiences at the University of Arizona?

Image of Molly Krantz, representing sorority programs

DITL of a Wildcat: Greek Edition

Meet Molly Krantz, president of the Panhellenic Executive Board, as she shares a day in her life as a Greek student.

Rhiannon, hands on hips.

One Wildcat’s Dream to Bring Healthcare to Medical Deserts

Rhiannon Olivarez-Kidwell is a Wildcat from California who plans to use medicine to give back to the community where she grew up.

Valeria flexing her muscles.

The Sound of the Future

Valeria Tapia, a first-gen Wildcat and Arizona native, plans for a future in the science of sound, fueled by her family roots.

Picture of student Lian, smiling. Text: My Wildcat Moment with Lian

A Family Tradition: Lian’s Wildcat Moment

Lian isn’t the first in her family to wear red and blue. Learn about the moment she decided to continue the legacy as a Wildcat.

Student Stories: Upperclassmen Advice from Tiyee

Student Advice From a Film & Television Major

Meet new friends, grow your network, and gain career experience – Tiyee is ready to show you how it’s done.

Danna in front of Old Main

Danna’s Tips for Success: Real Wildcats, Real Advice

Looking for advice for a successful transition to Arizona? These Wildcats were once in your shoes. Now that they’re about to graduate, they have some words of wisdom to share.

Video thumbnail for Arizona student Brach's "wildcat moment"

Making Friends – Virtually – at the University of Arizona

As a new student at the University of Arizona, Brach took a creative approach to meeting his classmates.

Student Andrea Cruz Dorame, smiling

Student Story: Attending the University of Arizona in Douglas, Arizona

This Psychology major transferred from community college to the University of Arizona at Douglas, determined to go far while staying close to home.

Image of student Justin Billy smiling in front of blue background

An Indigenous First-Gen Student Finds His Calling

Justin Billy is an explorer. Trying new things led him to the University of Arizona’s science lab, where he takes on global challenges at a molecular level.

Image of student Kathy Nunez smiling in front of dark background

Continuing to Serve: A Marine Veteran Prepares for Nursing School

Kathy Nunez, a veteran and first-generation American, draws on the skills she acquired in the service to succeed in the classroom.

Alison: My Wildcat Moment

Freedom to Find the Perfect Fit

Allison was loving life as an Arizona Wildcat, but something didn’t feel quite right. Once she figured out what it was, there was no holding her back.

Image of student Nadira Sage Mitchell smiling in front of abstract background

Nadira Sage Mitchell: Native American, Conservationist, Wildcat

Nadira is reaching out and speaking out on behalf of the people and wildlife that call the tribal lands of the Southwest home.

Cameron smiling.

From Community College to an Elite Cyber Program

For Cameron Williams, the highly-ranked Cyber Operations program at Arizona's Sierra Vista campus checks all the right boxes.

Student looking over her right shoulder

Take Advantage of AZ’s Perfect Weather

Temps hover in the 70s here when snow is falling from Montana to Maine. Once Wildcats catch spring fever, it never really goes away. Let’s get outside!

Evan smiles, looking to the right

Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous to Attend Arizona

If you’re feeling anxious about starting college, there’s one thing Evan wants you to know: you aren’t alone.

Four students, facing forward

Four Tips to Make a Successful Leap to College

Four Wildcats share their successes and struggles to help guide you on your path.

ZonaZoo students having fun at a game

10 Rules for ZonaZoo

One of the most spirited student sections in the country is even better when you know how to join in on the fun.

Jason Dayee on campus

Meet First-Gen Wildcat Jason Dayee

The science major and future Neuro-Oncologist has advice for other first-generation students about fitting in, paying for college, and making the most of living on campus.

3 Student atheletes share a moment

What Black History Month Means to Me

Three student-athletes talk about family, school, sports, and what the month of February means to them.

Kara at the beach, standing near the water.

A California Student’s Guide to Funding Your Education

Did you know 45% of Wildcats come to Arizona from another state? Meet Kara, a public health major from San Diego who talks scholarships, budgeting and more.

Abstract graduation scene

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Students from the Class of 2022 reflect on their time at Arizona and share advice for the next generation of Arizona Wildcats.

Indigenous student making their mark at Arizona.

Get Inspired by These Indigenous Wildcats

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, meet three Indigenous students who are making their mark at Arizona.

Students working out together at the RECcenter

The Ultimate Campus REC Guide

You don’t have to be a superstar athlete or health nut to find something to love about the University of Arizona’s Campus Recreation offerings.

Students raising Arizona flag

Tips for Your Campus Tour

Everything you need to know before your visit to our beautiful Tucson campus.

Student having a fun time in the sun

The Ultimate University of Arizona Bucket List

Here are the top University of Arizona experiences every Wildcat needs to do. How many can you check off the list?

University of Arizona students modeling shirts celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month: A Celebration of History, Culture, and Unity

Three Wildcats from different parts of the country talk about their foundations, inspirations, and what Black History Month means to them.

A student and professor in white lab coats

All About Internships

Get the lowdown on internships and why they’re an experience you won’t want to miss.

Students doing research in a lab

A Real-World Competition: Engineering Design Day

Go behind the scenes of Design Day, when soon-to-be graduates from different engineering disciplines collaborate to solve a problem.

Man and woman performing calculations

Expert Advice for Landing a Job

From part-time jobs to dream careers, the University of Arizona is here to help.

Students studying in their dorm

Your Dorm Packing Guide

Here’s what to bring (and not bring) when moving into our dorms.

Students having fun in class

Interesting Classes – Only at UArizona

Add a little spice to your schedule with interesting and unique classes (like how food speaks to power and manga reflects life in Japan).

Students studying together

Your Guide to Attending College In-Person vs. Online

Whether it's in person or online, a University of Arizona education will put your goals at the forefront.

Mt. Lemmon Lab

Eyes on the Skies: BS in Astronomy at Arizona

Explore galaxies far, far away with one of the nation’s top astronomy programs.

University of Arizona student Luis A. Esquer smiling

University Turns to Student Designer to Create Hispanic Heritage Merchandise

When asked to help develop merchandise celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Luis A. Esquer drew inspiration from his own experiences to create designs that speak to all of us.

Xochitl Baca-Cruz, Kyle Cook, and Alex Singh-Parmar

Three Wildcat Journeys Converge at the College of Medicine – Tucson

Read how their personal health care experiences intersect with a trio of new College of Medicine – Tucson (COM-T) degree programs.

A University of Arizona student and a mentor are seated together and chatting.

Alumni Networking Opportunities Once You Graduate

You’ve graduated, what’s next? Learn about all the alumni networking opportunities available to you after graduating from the University of Arizona.

Two University of Arizona students are seated on a couch engaged in conversation.

Managing Your Mental Health as a College Student

Tips and resources from an expert to help you feel your best.

Malia Daft seated outside at the University of Arizona

How to Find an On-Campus Job

The perks and benefits of working at the University of Arizona (beyond just the paycheck!)

A composite image of two photos showing four black University of Arizona students. The image on the left is of three men in purple polos posing in front of the fountain in front of Old Main at the University of Arizona, and the image on the right is of one woman in a suit.

Celebrate Black Culture, Year-Round

Discover student resources, events, and to dos at the University of Arizona – plus, a Black History Month highlight.

University of Arizona student Mia Hickey smiles while next to her black dog

Breaking Misconceptions About Research

Research doesn't only happen in a lab. Learn about one Wildcat’s not-so-traditional, non-STEM research project and discover opportunities to find one of your own.

Two students studying in the grass at the University of Arizona

The Perks of Taking Summer Classes

Discover the benefits of taking classes this summer at the University of Arizona. Plus, tips for getting the most out of the experience.

UArizona student, smiling, in front of Old Main

Which Arizona State School is Best For Me?

There are three incredible state universities in Arizona – how do you know which is the best fit for you? Let us help!

A group of University of Arizona students stand together outside in front of a mountain, and each holds up the Wildcat hand symbol.

Get a Head Start with New Start

Begin your life as a Wildcat early with New Start, a unique summer program for incoming first-year students.

Graduating Wildcat Erika wears her cap and gown

Three Tips from a Graduating Wildcat

As she prepares for a new chapter, Erika’s ready to share her advice for maximizing your time at the University of Arizona.

Professor Michael McKisson

Meet Your Professor: Michael McKisson

An award-winning visual journalist at the University of Arizona iSchool who teaches digital storytelling, map making, and data collection using high-flying drones.