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Student Story: Attending the University of Arizona in Douglas, Arizona

Andrea, smiling.

Andrea Cruz Dorame shares her experience of transferring from community college to one of the University of Arizona’s distance locations.

When Andrea's family needed her close by, she had to change her plans to attend college in Tucson – but not her goal of becoming a Wildcat. 

Andrea Cruz Dorame attends classes, works a student job, and takes tremendous pride in being a Wildcat. But Andrea, like a growing number of Arizona students, is pursuing her dream degree at one of the University of Arizona's many Near You Network locations, earning a world-class education close to home.

About Andrea Cruz Dorame

Major: Psychology
Graduating in: 2023
From: Douglas, Arizona

Transferring from Cochise College to the University of Arizona at Douglas

Briefly describe your academic journey.

After high school, I planned to go out of town and head straight to university, but things changed after a tragic event occurred in my family. I decided to stay in Douglas and continue my education at Cochise College. I am very happy that the University of Arizona was able to provide a distance campus so I could stay at home and pursue my degree.

What do you like about taking classes in Douglas?

I love how close the community is here. It's like one giant family! I'm able to embrace my culture and share it with others. I am currently studying at the Douglas center because it is closer to home. Studying and being a student worker here have allowed me to be around my family and pursue my dreams at the same time. 

What's the best part of being a student at Arizona so far?

Being able to call myself a Wildcat! Since I first began thinking about my future, Arizona has been my go-to school. The programs, professors, and overall environment are absolutely amazing, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Go Wildcats!

Why Take Classes at a University of Arizona Near You Network Location?

What is your family like, and what will earning your degree mean to them? 

My family is very traditional Mexican, and we love to eat, party, and spend time together. Earning my degree would mean that all the hard work they went through to create a safe and livable environment for the younger generations was all worth it; that I was able to accomplish my dreams, after all, thanks to their sacrifices.

What are you most passionate about? What drives you?

I am very passionate about bringing happiness to others and making sure they're okay. I have felt that way ever since I was a kid, and I decided to pursue a career in psychology because of it. I am motivated by the thought of helping people understand themselves better.

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