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Student Advice From a Film & Television Major

Cultural Resources for University of Arizona Students

With numerous Cultural and Resource Centers – plus even more clubs, resources, and opportunities – there’s a place for everyone to find support and feel at home at the University of Arizona.

Just ask Tiyee, a film and television major who says the best thing you can do as a new student is get to know your resources on campus.

“I really recommend that you go to the cultural centers, we have a bunch,” she said. “It makes your time so much easier here. It’s a stress reliever, and you’re also making friends.”

Advice for University of Arizona Film & Television Undergrads

Perks of African American Student Affairs at the University of Arizona

When she’s not in class, Tiyee works for African American Student Affairs (AASA) , which helps students find leadership opportunities, create community, and much more. Beyond the experience and connections she has gained, she says getting involved with AASA comes with some serious perks.

“Sometimes it’s just a relief to be around people who look like me and debrief about what’s going on in classes,” Tiyee said. “There’s also tutoring sessions, meditation, yoga, and all that. I really recommend using your resources.”

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