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Making Friends – Virtually – at the University of Arizona


Lights, Camera, Friendships: Brach’s Wildcat Moment

Starting college at the peak of quarantine presented some unique challenges for many students. But not even a global pandemic could hold one Wildcat back from finding his community at the University of Arizona.

Although classes were being held remotely during his first semester, Brach – a musical theatre major – wanted to get to know his peers. He took the initiative to schedule virtual meetings with his classmates to connect and form friendships.


“Because of quarantine we weren’t able to meet in person, so I planned Zoom calls every other week,” he said. “Those connections I made through the Zoom calls made me realize that I was a Wildcat.”


Finding Friends Virtually at the University of Arizona

Now that a year has passed and the campus community has returned to in-person settings, Brach gives back by joining his fellow Wildcats in welcoming recently admitted students to the university.


“Seeing those first-years’ eyes light up with the energy that we brought was very refreshing,” Brach said. “It reminded me of my first time meeting my class during quarantine.”


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