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Eyes on the Skies: BS in Astronomy at Arizona

Mount Lemmon Lab

Get to Know One of the Nation’s Top Astronomy Programs

How did time begin? What conditions are required for life on other planets? What lies beyond the known universe? Ask any astronomer and they’ll tell you that their job entails a lot more than looking through a telescope (although you can do that, too). Here’s why it’s worth pursuing an astronomy degree at the University of Arizona.

Major: Astronomy
Degree: Bachelor of Science
College: College of Science
By the Numbers: Ranked No. 1 in the nation for astronomy and astrophysics and No. 5 in NASA funding, according to the National Science Foundation.


Learn from International Leaders

Arizona draws some of the world’s top astronomers to its College of Science, which means you’ll learn from the very best. Meet some of our faculty members and learn about their fields of interest, which range from exoplanets to galaxy formation and everything in between.


Contribute to Impactful Projects

As students at a premier research university, all astronomy majors will participate in research during their undergraduate studies. That means you’ll have the chance to contribute to the field of astronomy in meaningful ways while earning your degree.

Here are some of the ways we’ve been making headlines:

Check out the latest space news from the University of Arizona.


Make Your Own Path

Astronomy students will extensively study mathematics, physics, and astrophysics, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to tailor your studies to your interests and career goals.

While a minor isn’t required for the BS in Astronomy program, you can still choose one to augment your studies. Some popular minors among astronomy majors include Planetary Sciences, Astrobiology, and Mathematics. Or, you can enhance your education by pursuing additional majors or minors in an entirely different field (trust us, there are plenty to choose from).


Find Community and Support

There are many ways to find your place as an astronomy major in the Wildcat community. Getting involved with the Astronomy Club is a great way to make friends and find exciting projects to work on. You can also choose from hundreds of other clubs at the university that match your interests.

When it comes to astronomy events, there’s always something happening. From public lectures to telescope tours to astronomy camps for children of all ages, there are so many ways to get involved and inspire others in the community.

And if you ever need help with your studies, it’s here when you need it. Your faculty mentor will be your best resource when it comes to making a plan for achieving your goals.



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