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The Ultimate University of Arizona Bucket List

Students having fun in the sun

What Every Wildcat Needs to Experience

At the University of Arizona, our long-standing traditions and awesome campus make for an iconic college experience. While every student’s journey is different, there are certain things you just have to do before you graduate.

We rounded up the top 20 can’t-miss experiences in this ultimate University of Arizona bucket list. Once you can say you’ve done them all, you might have red and blue in your veins.

  1. Learn who John “Button” Salmon is
    Part man, part myth, and all legend, John “Button” Salmon is one of the most famous students in university history.

  2. Take a picture on the steps of Old Main
    Snap a photo outside campus’ oldest and most beloved building. Bonus points if you take a picture during your first year, then again just before graduation.

  3. Learn our favorite song
    “Bear Down, Arizona” was written in 1952 and it’s still a beloved bop today. Once you have it memorized, you’ll be ready for the next item …

  4. Do the Zoo
    Cheer on the Cats from ZonaZoo, Arizona’s iconic student cheering section. Prepare to get loud!

  5. Explore Tucson
    Don’t limit your experience to just our beautiful campus. Tucson is full of award-winning food and outdoor adventures you won’t want to miss.  

  6. Take a day trip to Mount Lemmon
    Get breathtaking views of Tucson and Southern Arizona. Take a hike in the pines and stop by the Cookie Cabin, or visit during winter and build a snowman.

  7. Try a Sonoran hot dog
    You’ve never had a hot dog like this. There are lots of delicious places to try this tasty Southern Arizona staple.

  8. Catch a Centennial Hall performance
    Touring Broadway shows in a historic venue right here on campus? Yes, please!

  9. Celebrate Homecoming
    The ultimate Wildcat weekend. During every Homecoming, you can participate in the painting of ‘A’ Mountain, enjoy a toasty bonfire, tailgate on the Mall, and cheer on the football team.

  10. Meet Wilbur and Wilma
    At sporting events or just hanging out, Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat are a frequent sight around campus. They’re the two coolest cats you’ll ever meet.

  11. Join a club
    Or two. Or three. There are hundreds to choose from. But if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always start your own.

  12. Have a library study session
    Grab a coffee and make yourself at home in one of our on-campus libraries. Each one is equipped with cozy study spots, the latest tech, and all the productive vibes you’ll need. 

  13. Ride the streetcar
    The Sun Link streetcar can take you across campus to Fourth Avenue to downtown Tucson in one short, easy trip.

  14. Check out Campus Rec
    Arizona is home to three different rec centers where you can get in a workout, go for a swim, play intramural sports, plan an outdoor adventure, and fuel up on healthy snacks. 

  15. Find the Turtle Pond
    A peaceful oasis in the middle of campus for whenever you need a little escape and a dose of turtle cuteness. Here’s a hint: Start your search at the intersection of Park Avenue and Second Street. 

  16. Build your résumé
    There are lots of ways to get career ready as a Wildcat. Attend career fairs, apply for internships, or find research projects that will set you up for success.

  17. Give back
    Wildcats support Wildcats, it’s just what we do. Whether you become a Think Tank tutor, run for student government, or volunteer for Campus Pantry, there are so many ways to make a difference.

  18. Enjoy a “dead day”
    These are your once-a-semester chances to enjoy a day with no classes before finals. Take time to study, hang out with friends, or catch up on some zzzs.

  19. Attend Commencement
    If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s how to throw a celebration. There will be plenty of smiles, tears, pomp, circumstance, and fireworks.

  20. Bear Down
    It’s our motto for a reason. As a Wildcat, you’ll be backed by a supportive community that gives you the confidence and resilience to take on big challenges.



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