From simulation to new tech, Wildcat scientists predicted what the world might see in the first-ever image of a supermassive black hole.


Looping simulation of black hole

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Prepare for Tomorrow

From career coaching and job shadowing to interview practice and networking, this is where you prepare for what’s next.


Job Shadow Program

Explore an industry, organization or job function during spring break.


Work with peer educators to explore your career options and interests.

Interview Prep

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Want to improve the environment?

The University of Arizona is ranked #1 in Water Resources, globally. We’re also in the top 5% in the world for Environment and Ecology and one of the nation’s Top Green Colleges.

And whether you’re studying business, law, engineering, agriculture, public health — you can add a green concentration to your degree.

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Wildcats Help Other Wildcats 

“Arizona grads have such a passion for the school and our time here that we’re eager to help out fellow students.”
— Sarah Rosen, Class of ’02, Marketing 

When Sarah Rosen was getting ready to make the jump from college to the real-world workforce, she knew she wanted to work in entertainment, but she wasn’t sure of much beyond that.“I had zero connections and zero understanding of what that meant,” she says. “I just thought Hollywood and entertainment were cool and surely there was an internship there for me.”

And she was right. The summer before her senior year, Rosen applied for internships at various movie studios, and thanks to a well-timed fax sent to Fox Searchlight, her career path was set in motion. “I sent my resume in and the person who grabbed it off the fax machine happened to be another university alum,” she says.

Fast forward to today, Rosen is head of all U.S. entertainment partnerships at Twitter and tries to pay it forward to recent grads. “I’ve had people reach out to me via LinkedIn and even hosted some students from the university for a day. Part of how I got to where I am now was due to mentors, guidance, advice and support, so I try to do the same for others just entering the workforce.”


Shout-Out to Faculty

Kelly Paschall

“Both Javier Smith and Marissa Allen gave me the tools I needed to ace my interviews. They’ve been so helpful in introducing me to opportunities I never would have known about.” — Kelly Paschall, Management, Class of 2019

Jeff Larson

"Now, I don't assume an answer without data and analysis to back it up. Faculty like Brian Hilligoss — he always stops me to ask ‘Is that your opinion?’ And Joe Broschak— who asks regularly, ‘What are you basing that on?’”— Jeff Larson, PhD Candidate in Healthcare Management

Makenna Downing

“My fashion professor, Charlette Padilla, is so inspiring. She goes above and beyond for me to try all of these experiences.” — Makenna Downing, Communications and Fashion, Class of 2019


How has Arizona prepared you?




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