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Which Arizona State School is Best For Me?

Arizona student smiling, in front of Old Main

University of Arizona vs. Arizona State University vs. Northern Arizona University

State universities in Arizona have so many pros – outstanding academics, vibrant communities, inspiring faculty and staff. It can be tough figuring where to go and where you belong. Here are some areas that the University of Arizona excels in.

If You Want A Movie Set-Worthy Campus

The University of Arizona is the traditional college campus you’ve dreamed about. Green grassy lawns, dorms that are in the center of the action, centuries-old historic red brick buildings mixed with modern structures, a community feel that you can only find by having one, one-square-mile campus in the heart of the city. 

Maybe it’s because the mall always has something fun going on. Maybe it’s because there are hundreds of student clubs and organizations so you’re bound to find people with your same interests. Maybe it’s because the entire city of Tucson loves and supports the Wildcats. 

Whatever magic is to blame, this is where you run into friends between classes, discover favorite trees to study beneath, and where you’ll feel at home. 

If You Want a Job

Especially in…

If You Want Traditional Greek Life

A Greek row with sprawling sorority and fraternity houses right on campus, nearly 50 national sororities and fraternities, networking opportunities and social programming. There’s so much to love about going Greek!

If You Want “MD” After Your Name

The University of Arizona is the only medical school in Arizona. The University of Arizona is also the only graduate college that offers a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in Arizona. Whether you’re interested in labs or chocolate labs, the University of Arizona gets you there. 

If You Have Dreams of Making it to the Final Four

Yup, we said it. Our womens and mens basketball teams are consistently nationally ranked and seriously fun to cheer on (shout out, ZonaZoo!). Become a student to see where our basketball teams will be seeded in the NCAA tournament. 

If You Want to be a Wildcat for Life!

Trust us, you do. 

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