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Alumni Networking Opportunities Once You Graduate

Alumni Networking Opportunities Once You Graduate

You’ve graduated, what’s next?

When you graduate from the University of Arizona, a great way to keep and strengthen your connection to your alma mater is by joining an extensive and robust alumni network spanning 16 states. The advantages of joining the University of Arizona alumni network are endless; from networking events to fundraising for scholarships, there is something or someone to connect with, no matter where life takes you after graduation. 

Career & Professional Development

You've graduated and are ready to dive into your future career. Some perks of the UArizona alumni network are the amazing resources, such as career services and mentorship opportunities, available to you as an alumni. So, even if you're still looking for a job after graduation, the Wildcat community can support you on your path to success. 

The Alumni Career and Professional Development Lab helps alumni find jobs, advance their careers, and build professional networks. All alumni can access the job board, live career webinars, networking resources, and a library of archived webinars accessible on demand. 

Want to learn from Wildcats who have been there before? You can find a mentor through the lab or become one yourself! As an alumni, there are multiple ways for you to mentor students and recent graduates if you are interested in giving back.

Social & Networking Opportunities

A social life during college is a given, but maintaining social connections after college can also boost your career prospects! The alumni networks host more than 150 events annually, including recruitment mixers, happy hours, speaker series, family-friendly gatherings, and so much more. 

Paulin and Fernanda Bueno are UArizona graduates who decided to pursue careers in marketing, which was a big change from what they majored in at the University. They explain that through networking and internship opportunities, they were both able to eventually gain employment in two of the world's most prominent media and entertainment companies. 

UArizona networking opportunities, such as the Bear Down Network, build relationships with fellow Wildcats navigating the professional landscape. Wildcats learn from and help each other through these specialized opportunities. Arizona alumni communities enable you to connect with diverse and like-minded fellow alumni who share cultures and experiences. Alumni Communities also support students through scholarships while celebrating alumni who make a difference in their communities.

Giving Back to the Community

As a UArizona alumni, there are many opportunities to give back to your alma mater, such as volunteering on campus, donating to the University, or serving on alumni boards. Alumni often financially support university initiatives they are passionate about or are personal to them. For example, the Eller Alumni Advisory Council is just one of the many groups of alumni volunteers focused on building and strengthening bonds between colleges and their alumni. 

Wildcat for Life

UArizona alumni networks are constantly growing, and we want you to join a community that benefits you and the place where you started your next chapter in life, the University of Arizona. 

On graduation day, when you get that diploma, you may be done with classes, but your bond to the University of Arizona can last a lifetime.


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