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10 Rules for ZonaZoo

What’s the student section like at University of Arizona games?

Arizona students participating in ZonaZoo

The largest student section in the Pac-12 is also one of the most fun to be a part of. The energy! The excitement! The highs, and admittedly the lows. It’s all part of the ZonaZoo experience, and knowing these unofficial rules and traditions will make it that much better. 

What to Know About ZonaZoo for Football Games

1. ZonaZoo Stays the Whole Game

Hail Marys, impossible comebacks, broken records, somersaults into the endzone (really) – some of the most jaw-dropping moments in University of Arizona football history happen when the game is in its final moments. Stay the whole game so you can tell your, “I was there when ________” story in the future. 

2. Keys at Kickoff

Add to the noise at Arizona Stadium. During kickoff, ZonaZoo Wildcats jingle their keys to add to the roar of more than 50,000 passionate fans. 

What to Know About ZonaZoo for Men’s Basketball Games

3. ZonaZoo always stands up.

I mean, you can sit down for a bit if you’re tired but the majority of the ZonaZoo section stands the whole game. As for the rest of McKale? They sit after the opposing team makes their first basket.

4. Yell “Nice shot, buddy. Do it again!

Just ZonaZoo’s way of being friendly if the opposing team misses their first free-throw!

5. Watch out for the sandwiches

Those free Jimmy John’s sandwiches may be just the fuel you need to keep the energy up throughout the game!

6. You can dance along with the band 

The University of Arizona pep band (they’re the ones in the red and white stripes) have a pretty simple hand-motion dance for whenever Darude – Sandstorm plays. Watch. Learn. Join in. 

You can also chant along with the band. When the opposing team fouls us and the Wildcats go to free-throw shots, the band says “You, you, you, you, you, on you, that’s who!”

Important Things to Know for ZonaZoo

7. Get there early.

Seating is first-come, first-served, and if you want the best view in the house (and the most-likely chance to end up on ESPN – “hi, mom!”), you’ll want to line up long before game time. Grab your friends, bring a water bottle, and start hyping yourself and fellow fans up. 

Special note: For both men’s and women’s basketball games, if you get to McKale early you can win cool stuff such as t-shirts, rally towels, raffles, food and more!

8. Wear red and blue, of course!

Whether you’re going subtle with a ZonaZoo shirt or all-out with facepaint or a full-body spandex bodysuit (can you even see the game in those things?), represent the University of Arizona in our school colors. 

9. Know how to throw the Wildcat symbol

Students displaying the Wildcat claw sign

It looks like this ↗️

10. Don’t be rude.

We saved the most important rule for last. When you’re in the ZonaZoo, you’re an extension of the team and a representative of the University of Arizona. Follow Bear Down With Pride sportsmanship guidelines to ensure a safe, comfortable, and family-friendly sports and entertainment experience for everyone (including yourself!)

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