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Look no further for all the happenings on campus to keep you informed and engaged.

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Any Question, Just Ask (SOS)

Support. Outreach. Success. (SOS) is for University of Arizona community members who find themselves facing questions or issues and are unsure about where to go for answers. To get the answers you need, email sos [at] or chat live on

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Arizona Daily Wildcat

The UA's award-winning, student-produced daily newspaper keeps everyone up to date on what's happened -- and what's about to happen. The strong student editorial voice shines through.

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Academic Calendar

Stay in the know with a comprehensive list of important dates throughout the semester.

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Student Union Events

Wonder what's playing at the Gallagher? Or are you looking to rock out in the Games Room? A complete listing of anything -- and everything -- that's happening in the Union.

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Campus Recreation

Get fit here -- and so much more! All you need to know about wellness, recreational activities like intramurals and outdoor sports. What are you waiting for?

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Scholarship Universe

Scholarship Universe is the UA’s exclusive scholarship matching tool. Let us match you to thousands of scholarships and grants you may be eligible for.

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UA BookStores

From Wildcat apparel and souvenirs to textbooks, laptops, and supplies, you are bound to find all your academic and extracurricular needs at the UA BookStores.  As a university-owned and operated store, purchases made at any location support student success through scholarships, student clubs funding, student employment, and more!

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Campus Health

Your home for health care on campus.  Medical services, Counseling & Psych Services (CAPS), Women's Health, a Walk-In Clinic, full-service Pharmacy, and more.

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