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There are 23 dorms at the University of Arizona, and dozens of fraternity and sorority houses. Learn about the benefits of each dorm’s district, specialty living-learning communities, and how to find a roommate. Plus, healthy on-campus dining options.

Students chill'n outside Yavapai Dorm

Living Learning Communities

Some dorms have living-learning communities, where you can live with Wildcats who share similar interests – from academics and culture, to hobbies and support networks. Space is limited.


APIDA Scholars Community: Yavapai
B.L.A.C.K. Community: Pima
Blue Chip Leadership Community: Pueblo de la Cienega
Cambium: STEM Scholars Community: Honors Village
Eller PACE Communities: Coronado, Manzanita-Mohave, Villa del Puente

Engineering Leadership Community: Yuma
O’odham Ki: Community: Yavapai
Marsha's Place (LGBTQ+2S): Yavapai

Outdoor Adventures: Graham-Greenlee
SBS: The People College at Esperanza Tower: Árbol de la Vida
The Arts District (TAD) Community: Manzanita-Mohave
Transfer Community: Kaibab-Huachuca



Dorm Districts

There are four housing districts at the University of Arizona, all conveniently located near your classes, dining, and places to meet up and hang out. Explore the Housing & Residential Life website to see virtual tours of each dorm.


Highland District Map
Highland District

Highland District

Nine dorms are located within the Highland District, including Navajo-Pinal (within the football stadium!). Head north on Highland Avenue and you’re directly on the mall; south, and you’re at CampusRec. Not a bad place to be!
  • Known for: The Highland Burrito – a Wildcat legend
  • Closest to: Arizona Stadium and McKale (hello, ZonaZoo!)
  • Best hangout spot: The Highland Quad

Historic District Map
Historic District

Historic District

This is where you’re bound to run into a familiar face, and find your community. The average size of the nine dorms is just under 200 students – you’re likely to know your hallmates, residents on different floors, and more.
  • Closest to: The mall, Student Union, and Old Main
  • Best hangout spot: The Turtle Pond
  • Live here if you want: The classic collegiate dorm experience

North District Map
North District

North District

Although the North District is home to just one dorm, the Honors Village, it’s absolutely not isolated. The Honors Village is the largest residence hall on campus, home to more than 1,000 Honors Wildcats.
  • Closest to: NorthRec
  • Best hangout spot: The interior courtyard
  • Some pros include: Collaborative learning classrooms and study spaces

Park District Map
Park District

Park District

On the southwest corner of campus, the Park District is home to some of the largest dorms at the University of Arizona, including Arizona-Sonora (AZ-So, for those in-the-know) and Coronado.
  • Closest to: University Boulevard – and its restaurants
  • Best hangout spot: Some of the best views of campus and beyond
  • Some pros include: The outdoor volleyball courts at the Global Center

Two students talking in dorm room

All About Roommates

Wildcats have the option to request their dorm roommates. If you'd prefer to be assigned a random roommate (or suite mate), you can. The choice is up to you!


Bronze wildcat statue

Fraternity & Sorority Housing

Nearly half of the 50 fraternities and sororities at the University of Arizona have housing. First-year members live in their respective dorms, off-campus apartments, or houses, while second-year members and beyond can live in Greek housing.

SEE GREEK housing Dorm

Safety On Campus

The well-being of everyone on campus is of utmost importance. Several resources are provided to keep the University of Arizona’s environment safe.



A free service that delivers emergency notifications during a campus emergency.

ASUA Safe Ride:

Providing safe, nightly transportation on and around the main campus.


The university’s on-campus police department dedicated to student safety.


On-Campus Dining

There are dozens of on-campus dining options at the University of Arizona, for everything from grab-and-go snacks between classes to restaurants where you can eat with friends. All are health-forward, with a focus on nutrition and whole ingredients. Many restaurants offer plant-based options, and menus are transparent, so food allergies are always considered. Wildcats can choose a meal plan that works best for them, including a debit- and swipe-based meal plan.


Students enjoying outdoor seating at a restaurant at dusk

Restaurants Near the University

The University of Arizona is surrounded by some of Tucson’s favorite dining districts, including University Boulevard, Fourth Avenue, and Downtown Tucson. Learn more about Tucson’s dining scene.

Student at UA Campus Pantry holding a jar of peanut butter

Food Assistance

The Campus Pantry is a point of pride for the University of Arizona, a place where Wildcats experiencing food insecurity can grab important food staples at no cost. Swipe your CatCard and browse donated canned goods, produce, peanut butter, and more.

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