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Undecided? Unsure? It’s Not Unusual.

If you’ve found yourself saying, “I don’t know what I want to do with my life!” You’re not alone. Discover how Arizona helps you find your place – and might even change your mind.

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How to Design Your Dream Job

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? More importantly: How did you get there? Explore creative combinations of majors, internships, clubs, and more that put you on the path to the future career you want.

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An Indigenous First-Gen Student Finds His Calling

Justin Billy is an explorer. Trying new things led him to the University of Arizona’s science lab, where he takes on global challenges at a molecular level.

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From Community College to an Elite Cyber Program

For Cameron Williams, the highly-ranked Cyber Operations program at Arizona's Sierra Vista campus checks all the right boxes.

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Why Honors Is Worth It

What can you get from Honors that you can’t get as a non-Honors student? As it turns out: A whole lot.

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Medicine in Motion

Dr. Gordon is a guy on the go. He keeps up his family medical practice, teaches both upper and lower division classes, and bikes to work every single day.

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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Students from the Class of 2022 reflect on their time at Arizona and share advice for the next generation of Arizona Wildcats.

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Six Degrees of Inspiration: BFA Film and Television at Arizona

Six key reasons students majoring in film and television choose the University of Arizona.

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Career Advice from a Graduating Wildcat

Before Aubrey starts her next chapter after graduation, she’s ready to share her tips for career success.

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The Road to Research as an Undergrad

A guide to getting started on research early in your college career with all the tips and resources you’ll need to be successful.