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Studying Abroad is Easier Than You Think

Students studying abroad

Studying Abroad is Easier Than You Think


What to know about studying abroad with the University of Arizona

Studying abroad is the opportunity of a lifetime. Whether you’re interested in Paris, France, or Cairo, Egypt, there’s a place for you to travel and get a University of Arizona education all at once. 

Hundreds of students have studied abroad not once but even twice because it was such a unique experience. At the University of Arizona, Wildcats are able to learn in six of the seven continents – oh, the places they’ll go!  


What is Study Abroad? 

Study abroad is a program that allows students to earn credits for graduation while exploring a new environment in another country. 

Examples of Majors/Programs and Destinations

  • Business: Athens, Greece; Dublin, Ireland; Singapore, Singapore
  • Communication: Orvieto, Italy; Seoul, South Korea;  Barcelona, Spain
  • Education: Siena, Italy; Guanajuato, Mexico; London, United Kingdom
  • Engineering: Munich, Germany; Madrid, Spain; Sydney, Australia
  • Health-Related Programs: Mysore, India; Zaragoza, Spain; Sydney, Australia


And so many more! Your major or minor department could offer a faculty-led program, have a recommended Global Track, or be a great match for an exchange program. Program options vary by semester.

In order to make the most of your study abroad experience, you’ll want to meet with a study abroad coordinator and your academic advisor to discuss how your credits will count toward your degree, and to be sure that your desired destination and program is a good fit. Browse hundreds of destinations and programs on the Study Abroad website


How Will I Afford Studying Abroad?

Studying abroad can be just as affordable as attending the University of Arizona on your regular campus. Your program’s location, duration, and type will all factor into the cost. For many programs, financial aid packages and scholarships you already receive can be used to pay for your tuition and associated fees abroad. The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Study Abroad Page has a great chart on how to determine which sources of funding can be used on each type of program abroad. 

In addition to your regular scholarships and financial aid, there are also multiple scholarships and grants that Wildcats can apply for specifically for studying abroad! From the prestigious Gilman Scholarship to the Study Abroad Fair Scholarship Drawing – and so many more – there are many ways to pay for any extra costs you may have abroad. 

See what travel scholarships you may be eligible for.


When Should I Study Abroad?

The perfect time to study abroad is really different for everyone based on their academic interest and how much time they have. Most people chose to study abroad either sophomore or junior year, but everyone is different. It’s never too early to start planning, though! If you’re interested in going abroad, start talking with your academic advisor right away about when might be the right time for you. 

Study Abroad Program Lengths

  • Summer-long study abroad programs
  • Semester-long
  • Year-long
  • Short-term (winter or spring break)


What Are My Next Steps?

Take a look at the study abroad website to browse programs and destinations that interest you, as well as to get an idea of cost. You can also look on study abroad’s calendar for information sessions and drop-in advising hours. Then, meet with your academic advisor and schedule a meeting with a study abroad coordinator to figure out the perfect place and time for you to go explore!



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