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Medicine in Motion

Dr. Paul Gordon on the beach

Dr. Paul Gordon is a faculty member and the co-director of the new BS Medicine undergraduate concentration housed in the College of Medicine -Tucson at the University of Arizona.He takes teaching beyond the textbooks drawing on a lifetime of experience as a family physician and advocate for social justice. 

In the exam room, the classroom, and even on his commute, Dr. Paul Gordon demonstrates a life fueled by his beliefs. His advice for Wildcats; take your time, take some chances, decide what is important to you and then stick with it.

About University of Arizona Professor Paul Gordon

Where did you grow up, and where do you call home today?

Born and reared in New York, we moved here in 1986. I very much call Tucson my home now. My children were born in New York but spent all their years growing up here, so Tucson really is our home.

What's the very best thing about your job at the university?

The thing that brings me the most joy in my work is my interaction with students. I have been very fortunate to teach as much as I do. Seeing the growth in my students over time brings enormous joy. 

Q&A with University of Arizona Professor Paul Gordon

What about you would most surprise your students?

I bike six miles to work; I do not drive. That means when it's raining, hailing, extremely windy, or incredibly sunny, I still bike. Most people don't believe that.

Describe a value that is important to you.

A significant value of mine is one of social justice. I've dedicated 45 years of my adult life to it. I'd hope students will identify those areas that are important to them and stay true to them. Don't compromise what you believe in just because it seems like an easy way to get ahead – it doesn't work.

What advice would you give a new college student?

I would say, take a big breath and slow down. You don't need to have your whole career planned on your first day, first semester, or first year. Instead, I encourage people to keep an open mind and take risks. By taking risks, you'll make mistakes, and making mistakes is the best way to learn.

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