Topic: Academics

Dr. Stacey Cochran

Meet Your Professor: Dr. Stacey Cochran

How innovative writing practices improve our brain's ability to adapt, so we can overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.

Dr. Molly Gebrian

Meet Your Professor: Dr. Molly Gebrian

A violist with a background in neuroscience, Dr. Gebrian uses music and memory research to improve practice and performance.

Associate professor Christopher Hamilton with volcano

Meet Your Professor: Christopher Hamilton from the College of Science

Dr. Christopher Hamilton is passionate about exploring, understanding, and protecting our planet while at the same time working to help us reach beyond it. His research and teaching areas include astrobiology, Earth and lunar studies, planetary analogs, planetary geophysics, planetary surfaces, volcanology.

Jenny smiling

A STEM-inist on a Mission

There’s nothing that can stop Jenny Herrera, a first-generation college student who has ambition down to a science.

Alice at Sedona, Arizona

From Exchange Student to Doctoral Candidate

As a high school exchange student, Alice discovered that moving from Italy to live in Nebraska was an eye-opening experience. Now a doctoral candidate, her work focuses on helping international students find connection and community through communication.

Rhiannon, hands on hips.

One Wildcat’s Dream to Bring Healthcare to Medical Deserts

Rhiannon Olivarez-Kidwell is a Wildcat from California who plans to use medicine to give back to the community where she grew up.

Valeria flexing her muscles.

The Sound of the Future

Valeria Tapia, a first-gen Wildcat and Arizona native, plans for a future in the science of sound, fueled by her family roots.

Four students, facing forward

Four Tips to Make a Successful Leap to College

Four Wildcats share their successes and struggles to help guide you on your path.

Four smiling students.

Why Honors Is Worth It

What can you get from Honors that you can’t get as a non-Honors student? As it turns out: A whole lot.

Dr. Chris Impey

Meet Your Professor: Chris Impey

Every day Dr. Chris Impey gets up, goes to work and tries to figure out how the universe works, how it began, and what else is out there?

Student filming

Six Degrees of Inspiration: BFA Film and Television at Arizona

Six key reasons students majoring in film and television choose the University of Arizona.

Students studying abroad

Studying Abroad is Easier Than You Think

Discover Gothic architecture in Barcelona, study desert ecology and conservation in Namibia, build marketable skills in Singapore – it’s all possible with study abroad.

UArizona student, smiling, in front of Old Main

Which Arizona State School is Best For Me?

There are three incredible state universities in Arizona – how do you know which is the best fit for you? Let us help!

A student and professor in white lab coats

All About Internships

Get the lowdown on internships and why they’re an experience you won’t want to miss.

Student at the University of Arizona

What I’ve Learned as a First-Year Research Assistant

Arizona first-year student, Andrew, knows how important applied experiential learning opportunities like research are in developing technical skills.

Students having fun in class

Interesting Classes – Only at UArizona

Add a little spice to your schedule with interesting and unique classes (like how food speaks to power and manga reflects life in Japan).

North East view of campus mall in foreground and the Catalina mountains in the background

Preparing for College: A Checklist for High School Sophomores

It's never too soon to get excited about your future –or to plan for it. Here is our list of the top four things you can do right now to get ready for college.

Mt. Lemmon Lab

Eyes on the Skies: BS in Astronomy at Arizona

Explore galaxies far, far away with one of the nation’s top astronomy programs.

Student Erin Sye, smiling.

How I’m Graduating Debt-Free

What does it take to graduate college free of debt? University of Arizona senior Erin Sye shares how she did it.