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From Exchange Student to Doctoral Candidate

Alice sitting on a red rock in Sedona, Arizona

Tell us about your research. Has it taught you anything about yourself?

My research is always fueled by my personal experiences. You always think you are going to become an expert in one area, but I'm somebody who is very flexible and likes to move around. I see myself as a very interdisciplinary scholar who keeps communication at the core, whether it's to facilitate the transition (of international students) returning home or adapting international teaching assistants to a brand new campus. 

Describe your experience with other students on campus. 

I'm surrounded by the phenomenal body of colleagues, not just in my department but everywhere! I love being connected to grad students who do completely different work than mine. Everyone speaks their own language, which I find beautiful.

How does Tucson compare to other places you have lived? 

I fell in love with Tucson. Where you live is very important. It contributes to your wellbeing and helps you to thrive. I didn't know Tucson was going to be such a wonderful place for the outdoors. I lived in a place in Nebraska where winter was never-ending, and that was really hard! 

What role has Arizona played in your success?

I feel like Arizona is a good balance of excellence and rigor but also extreme support – that's really important. The research (opportunities) and resources that the university provides makes you want to succeed. And for international students, we see ourselves as ambassadors of our own culture, so we already have a strong motivation to share our culture, stand out, and do well.


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