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Preparing for College: A Checklist for High School Sophomores

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A checklist for high school sophomores

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1. Explore

Big, small, public, private, close to home, or far away, it’s a good idea to think about what you really want in a college or university. Making a list of all the things you are looking for can help. From cost and programs to reputation and recreation, jot down what matters most to you. Use this list as a guide when doing research or talking with your parents and guidance counselor. 



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2. Evaluate

Now is an excellent time to review the classes you've been taking. How are your grades?  Maintaining a good GPA and completing fundamental courses in areas like math, English, and science will go a long way to ensuring your admission. And let's suppose you can take more challenging coursework, like honors or advanced placement (AP) classes. In that case, you will be better prepared for the rigorous college coursework that lies ahead. Plus, pulling good grades now can pave the way to opportunities like merit scholarships and admission to Arizona’s W.A. Franke Honors College.



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3. Plan

College requires a serious commitment of your time and resources, so thinking about what you want to achieve when you get there is a good idea. Your high school guidance counselor can help match your passions and goals to majors, programs, and eventual career paths. Because you can expect your interests and circumstances to change over the next couple of years, take the time to get to know your counselor now and update them often. Do you know at Arizona, we have over 300 majors for you to choose from?  Plus all the support you'll need to pursue your dream job once you graduate.



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4. Visit

Taking a tour is a great way to explore the colleges that fit your criteria. A first-hand experience is hard to beat when it comes to getting a feel for a campus and the surrounding area. You can get to know the University of Arizona and Tucson better by scheduling an in-person tour or joining us online for a VIRTUAL VISIT. Remember to pack your flip-flops because we get more than 350 sunny days a year!


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