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College is a big investment, but a University of Arizona education may be more affordable than you think. No matter your background or family’s financial situation, you have options to make it manageable. Read on to learn how students like you are funding their futures.


Don’t Let Sticker Price Scare You

At Arizona, nine out of 10 students receive financial aid. That means most students pay less than the estimates shown here. By maximizing your financial aid – scholarships, grants, loans, or work-study – you can lower your costs while earning a degree that will pay you back for a lifetime.

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Net Price Calculator

Get your Estimate

Your campus choice, degree program, and financial aid offer are all factors that affect your tuition, fees, and estimated net price. Our Net Price Calculator* can give you a better idea of your actual cost. All you need is a few pieces of information and about 10 minutes.


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Please note that the Net Price Calculator provides estimated figures only. Your actual costs and award amounts may vary. Tuition amounts are determined by the Arizona Board of Regents and are typically announced in spring.

File Your FAFSA

The first step to finding financial aid is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA Form). This is how millions of students across the U.S. access federal aid to fund their college education. There is no cost to complete your FAFSA – all you need are a few financial documents.

FAFSA Opens Fall 2024
Use Arizona School Code: 001083
Priority Filing Date: April 1

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Estimated Cost of Tuition

Arizona Residents

Non-Arizona Residents

Unsure if you qualify for Arizona Resident Status for tuition purposes?

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How Students Pay



“Finding ways to pay for college can be very daunting. Thankfully, the University of Arizona provides so many resources to give you opportunities to make it work.”

—Mary, Chemical Engineering Major

Graph of Mary's mix of financial aid


Gift Aid 

  • Pell Grant
  • ​​​Supplemental Scholarships

Self-Help Aid + Out-of-Pocket Savings

  • Federal Direct Student Loan(s)
  • Savings
  • Federal Work-Study


“In my sophomore year, I applied to become a resident assistant and I have not looked back since. Not only has this experience helped me personally and academically, but it has also helped me tremendously financially.”

—David, Physiology Major

Graph showing David's mix of financial aid


Gift Aid 

  • Wildcat Tuition Aid
  • Supplemental Scholarships

Self-Help Aid + Out-of-Pocket Savings

  • Federal Direct Student Loan(s)
  • Working on Campus as Resident Assistant


“I want other students to know that there are a lot of resources available to pay for school. Don’t let money be the reason you give up.”

—Cynthia, Business Administration
and Management Major

Graph showing 100% financial aid


Gift Aid 

  • Transfer Tuition Scholarship
  • Supplemental Scholarships
  • University Grant

Make it Manageable

Interested in dividing your tuition payments into smaller amounts that you pay over time? You may qualify to pay in installments with the Tuition Payment Plan.


Tuition Payment Plan Overview

What Do I Get for My

Your Arizona education will pay you back in many ways. But don’t just take our word for it. Become an Arizona Wildcat and you’ll see why we’re named a Best Value University by both the Princeton Review and Forbes.

Our Graduates Earn an Average Starting Salary of $54,900 (Highest Among Arizona’s Public Universities)

—According to U.S. News & World Report

Arizona Wildcats Are 12% Less Likely to Take Out Student Loans Than Students from Other Universities

—According to a Study on Collegiate Financial Wellness

Nine Out of 10 Students Are Using University Services to Get Career-Ready Before Graduation

—According to a Universium Study

Nine out of 10 Alumni Report Their University of Arizona Education Was Worth the Cost

—According to a Gallup Study

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How Do I Find Financial Aid?

(Hint: We'll Make it Easy)
When you apply and file your FAFSA form, we’ll consider you for a wide range of financial aid options like:

Wildcat Tuition Awards

Merit-based scholarships for Arizona residents that are renewable for four consecutive years.

Arizona Tuition Awards

Merit-based scholarships for non-Arizona residents that are renewable for four consecutive years.

Arizona Promise Grant*

Need-based state grant program for Pell-eligible, Arizona resident first-year students that fills in the difference between a student’s tuition, fees, college fees and all other gift aid the student receives.


National Scholar Tuition Awards

Tuition awards of varying amounts available to National Scholars as determined by Preliminary SAT’s.


Achievement Award*

Need-based, institutional grant award for non-Arizona residents and renewable for up to eight consecutive semesters.

Arizona Native Scholars Grant (ANS)*

ANS is a school-based grant program that covers any remaining gap in tuition, mandatory fees, tuition differentials and program fees and all other gift aid. Eligible students must enroll in Main Campus, and be a Native American, Arizona Resident, Undergraduate student from one of Arizona’s 22 federally recognized tribes.

TheDream.US >>

The University of Arizona has partnered with TheDream.US, dedicated to providing opportunities for undocumented immigrant youth.  
Learn more here.




(*FAFSA required)



  • Wildcat and Arizona Tuition Awards can be used toward graduate tuition at University of Arizona for students who complete their undergraduate degree in less than four consecutive years.




Don’t forget to file your FAFSA using Arizona school code 001083 by our priority submission date of April 1. If you’ve already filed your FAFSA and been admitted to Arizona, you’ll be notified of your financial aid offer by our Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Learn More About Tuition Scholarships 

Still Need Funding?
We’ll Help You Find It

Our Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid will work with you to build a financial aid offer that could include one or more of the following options:

Gift Aid

Gift aid includes scholarships and grants – money for college that doesn’t need to be repaid. This kind of aid can be merit-based or need-based and comes from a variety of sources.

Learn About Scholarships »

Learn About Grants »

Self-Help Aid

Student self-help options includes Federal Work-Study and Federal Direct Student Loans. Students who accept and use self-help options are committing to either working while attending school and/or repaying loans borrowed as a student to supplement other financial aid and savings to pay for educational expenses.

Self-help aid includes loans, which require repayment over a set amount of time and usually with interest. Most federal loans have a six-month grace period, giving you time to land a job after graduation before your first payment is due. And if you’re worried about debt, reports that our students who use loans graduate with nearly 10% less debt than the national average.

Self-help aid also includes Federal Work-Study, a financial aid program that provides part-time jobs for students who are determined eligible by the FAFSA. The program encourages community service work and work related to your course of study.

Learn About Loans »

Learn About Work-Study »

Attention Admitted Students: Even
More Scholarships Are Waiting for You

Once you’re admitted, you’ll gain access to Scholarship Universe. This powerful scholarship-matching tool connects Wildcats to millions of dollars in funding each year.

Scholarship Universe FAQs


If you have been admitted, you will be notified about your personal financial aid offer from our Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. And when you’re ready, you can officially become an Arizona Wildcat by visiting your Next Steps Center.

Next Steps Center


Still Have Questions?

Our Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is standing by, ready to help.

Do you live in Arizona but feel a bachelor’s degree is out of your reach financially? Our Arizona Promise Grant, Arizona Native Scholars Grant, or Arizona Assurance Program may be right for you.


Learn About Opportunities For:

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Military Members, Veterans and Their Families »

If you are a military member or a dependent, you may be eligible for tuition assistance and fee reimbursement.

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DACA/Dreamer Students »

Get information for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Dreamer students interested in applying to Arizona.

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Residents of Western States and Territories »

Eligible non-Arizona residents choosing specific majors may qualify for reduced tuition through the Western Undergraduate Exchange.


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Non-Residents with Arizona High School Degrees/GEDs »

If you don’t currently live in the state of Arizona but graduated high school or earned your GED here, you could qualify for a special tuition rate.


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Native American/Indigenous Students »

Learn about unique funding opportunities available or speak with a staff member who specializes in tribal-related financial aid opportunities.

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International Students »

Get information about international student loans and scholarships, including our Global Wildcat Award.