Topic: Research

Alex Alvarez, wearing a microphone

This Future Doctor is Teaching Old Medical Tech New Tricks

Alex Alvarez is a dual-degree doctoral candidate whose passions for medicine and engineering are bringing life-saving technology to underserved communities.

Alice at Sedona, Arizona

From Exchange Student to Doctoral Candidate

As a high school exchange student, Alice discovered that moving from Italy to live in Nebraska was an eye-opening experience. Now a doctoral candidate, her work focuses on helping international students find connection and community through communication.

Image of student Justin Billy smiling in front of blue background

An Indigenous First-Gen Student Finds His Calling

Justin Billy is an explorer. Trying new things led him to the University of Arizona’s science lab, where he takes on global challenges at a molecular level.

Four smiling students.

Why Honors Is Worth It

What can you get from Honors that you can’t get as a non-Honors student? As it turns out: A whole lot.

Dr. Chris Impey

Meet Your Professor: Chris Impey

Every day Dr. Chris Impey gets up, goes to work and tries to figure out how the universe works, how it began, and what else is out there?