Topic: Professors

Dr. Stacey Cochran

Meet Your Professor: Dr. Stacey Cochran

How innovative writing practices improve our brain's ability to adapt, so we can overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.

Dr. Molly Gebrian

Meet Your Professor: Dr. Molly Gebrian

A violist with a background in neuroscience, Dr. Gebrian uses music and memory research to improve practice and performance.

Associate professor Christopher Hamilton with volcano

Meet Your Professor: Christopher Hamilton from the College of Science

Dr. Christopher Hamilton is passionate about exploring, understanding, and protecting our planet while at the same time working to help us reach beyond it. His research and teaching areas include astrobiology, Earth and lunar studies, planetary analogs, planetary geophysics, planetary surfaces, volcanology.

Dr. Chris Impey

Meet Your Professor: Chris Impey

Every day Dr. Chris Impey gets up, goes to work and tries to figure out how the universe works, how it began, and what else is out there?

Dr Paul Gordon on the beach

Medicine in Motion

Dr. Gordon is a guy on the go. He keeps up his family medical practice, teaches both upper and lower division classes, and bikes to work every single day.

Students having fun in class

Interesting Classes – Only at UArizona

Add a little spice to your schedule with interesting and unique classes (like how food speaks to power and manga reflects life in Japan).