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5 Interesting Minors at the University of Arizona 

5 Interesting Minors at the University of Arizona 

Enhance your studies and learn something new

While most students know all about majors, minors are a great way to broaden your horizons and explore your passions. Whether you want to choose a specialty that goes with your major or study something else entirely, it’s not too early to start thinking about choosing a minor.

What is a minor? 

A minor is an additional field of study added to your degree that requires less coursework than a major. Your minor can be related to your major, or in a totally different subject. All minors at Arizona require at least 18 credits, but some may require more. 

How do I declare a minor? 

To get started, talk to your major advisor, who you can find on Trellis. They’ll help you figure out what minor program is best for you and show you how to get started. Remember that some Arizona majors require a minor, so it’s best to ask your advisor.

What are some unique minors at Arizona? 

Almost every major can be studied as a minor, but we also offer minors that are completely unique. These programs will not only make your degree stand out, but also will keep your class schedule fun and fresh. 

1. Sports Management 

Dreaming of a job in sports? The Eller College of Management can help get you there with its minor in Sports Management. It prepares students for sports careers through “experiential learning and study trips to sporting events.” This minor includes classes like “Business of College Sports” and “Life Cycle of Elite Athletes.” Pretty cool, right? 

2. Critical Languages

If studying one language just isn’t enough, then Critical Languages is the minor for you. Arizona’s Critical Language Program specializes in teaching less commonly taught languages, including Cantonese, Norwegian, Swahili, Thai, and more. This minor gives students the flexibility to study multiple languages at once and impress your friends with your new skills. 

3. Hip-Hop Cultures

This minor, offered by the Africana Studies in the College of Humanities, dives into the world of hip-hop, including music, dance, fashion, art, and more. Students in the Hip-Hop Cultures minor will learn all about the cultural forces behind the hip-hop industry while taking classes like “Rap, Culture and God” and “Beginning Hip-Hop Dance Technique.”

4. Health and Human Values

The Health and Human Values minor is available for any student in the W.A. Franke Honors College and teaches students “how science, biology and society interact to shape health, disease, and health care.” This minor combines science and the humanities for the best of both worlds. Students can even earn elective credit while studying abroad in India.

5. Planetary Science

Shoot for the stars with the College of Science’s minor in Planetary Science. This minor includes courses in geoscience, astronomy, atmospheric science, and more to teach students the basics about studying our solar system. It’s also a great way to get in the lab and gain hands-on research experience.


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