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three students smiling

My Wildcat Moment

How will you know you belong at the University of Arizona? Take these students’ word for it: you’ll just know.

Picture of student Lian, smiling. Text: My Wildcat Moment with Lian

A Family Tradition: Lian’s Wildcat Moment

Lian isn’t the first in her family to wear red and blue. Learn about the moment she decided to continue the legacy as a Wildcat.

Student Stories: Upperclassmen Advice from Tiyee

Student Advice From a Film & Television Major

Meet new friends, grow your network, and gain career experience – Tiyee is ready to show you how it’s done.

Danna in front of Old Main

Danna’s Tips for Success: Real Wildcats, Real Advice

Looking for advice for a successful transition to Arizona? These Wildcats were once in your shoes. Now that they’re about to graduate, they have some words of wisdom to share.

Alison: My Wildcat Moment

Freedom to Find the Perfect Fit

Allison was loving life as an Arizona Wildcat, but something didn’t feel quite right. Once she figured out what it was, there was no holding her back.

Evan smiles, looking to the right

Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous to Attend Arizona

If you’re feeling anxious about starting college, there’s one thing Evan wants you to know: you aren’t alone.

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Students’ Most Asked Questions – Answered

Wildcats Kaila and Steven respond to incoming Wildcats’ most-asked questions, and talk about what they wish they had known before coming to campus.