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My Wildcat Moment

Ask any University of Arizona student and you’ll learn they all have something in common. 

Whether it was a glimpse of the sunset over Old Main, or meeting their new best friend, or overcoming a major obstacle, they’ve all experienced a moment that made them realize they were exactly where they were meant to be.

“I was initially scared that I wouldn’t quite fit in,” said Evan Wood, a sophomore who is double majoring in Global Studies and Gender and Women Studies. “But as soon as I stepped on campus, I knew immediately that this is where I belonged.”

Read on for more students’ Wildcat moments. Then, learn how you can have your own.






Forming Friendships

“I was saying goodbye to my parents who had just helped me move into the dorms. As I made my way back to my room, I was pretty nervous because it was the first time I was on my own. I opened the door and everyone introduced themselves … and I realized these were the kind of people I could get along with. That was when I realized I was a Wildcat.”

Connor Sasaki from the Hawaiian Islands
Film, Theatre, and Television Major


Creative Connections

“I really wanted to connect with my class, but because of quarantine we weren’t able to meet in person. So I planned Zoom calls every other week. We were able to meet each other and connect and build this awesome energy. Those connections I made through the Zoom calls made me realize I was a Wildcat.”

Brach Drew from Tempe, Arizona
Musical Theatre Major


Famous Mentors

“I knew I wanted to get involved and ended up working as an undergraduate researcher. It wasn’t until four months into my position that I took the time to Google the professor. I found out that this person who I’d been sitting just three feet away from was a world-famous scientist. It was incredible to see that as a first-year student, I was working with someone who is so well known around the world.”

Madison Delmo from Avondale, Arizona
Mathematics Major


Giving Back

“I remember walking into the College of Education lounge and I saw a poster to become a student ambassador. I felt like that poster was talking to me. I quickly got involved and fell in love. Now I get to help others find themselves. That’s when I knew I belonged and found my place. I found a family as I got involved. I was truly meant to be a Wildcat.”

Rebecca Murillo from Nogales, Mexico
Learning, Literacy, and Leadership Major


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