Future Students

  • Beyond the Gate

    With new ways to get around the city, it's never been easier to fall in love with Tucson. Take a stroll with us beyond Main Gate.

  • Kaitlin Charette, VP of the UA Nutritional Science Club

    100% Engagement, Always

    Meet Kaitlin Charette, a UA student who proves that 100% Engagement works.

  • Wildcat Weekends: Hey you! Want to do something cool this weekend? Sure you do! Read on for more

    Wildcat Weekends

    What do Wildcats do on the weekends? So many things, it's an adventure in 48 hours, or a bit more for those who start early.

  • Students in all disciplines can benefit from UA's Scholarship Universe.

    A Scholarship for Everything

    Scholarship Universe was built for the sole purpose of giving UA students – and ONLY UA students – a place to find extra money for college. Learn more about the award-winning search engine and its success.