Regents Professors

Regents' Professor, the highest of faculty ranks, is reserved for full professors with exceptional achievements that have brought them national or international recognition.

David S. AlbertsPhDProfessor of Pharmacology, Medicine and Public Health
S. James AnayaJDProfessor of Law
J. Roger P. AngelPhDDirector-Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory, Director-Center for Astronomical Adaptive Optics, and Astronomy, Regents Professor of Astronomy and Optical Sciences
Julia E. AnnasPhDProfessor of Philosophy
Neal R. ArmstrongPhDProfessor Optical Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry
W. David ArnettPhDProfessor of Astronomy
Barbara A. BabcockPhDProfessor of English
Victor R. BakerPhDProfessor of Geosciences
Carol A. BarnesPhDProfessor of Psychology
Harrison H. BarrettPhDVice Head of Radiology Research, Professor of Optical Sciences, Radiology and Mathematics
Elizabeth A. BernaysPhDProfessor Emerita of Entomology
Thomas G. BeverPhDProfessor of Linguistics
Ronald BreigerPhDProfessor of Sociology
J. Douglas CanfieldPhDProfessor of English
Vicki L. ChandlerPhDProfessor of Plant Sciences and Molecular & Cellular Biology
Hsinchun ChenPhDMcClelland Professor of Management Information Systems and Director, Artificial Intelligence Lab
Robert H. ColescottPhDProfessor Emeritus of Art
Michael A. CusanovichPhDProfessor Emeritus of Chemistry and Biochemistry
George H. DavisPhDProfessor Emeritus of Geosciences
Chandrakant S. DesaiPhDProfessor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Dan B. DobbsPhDProfessor of Law
Michael J. DrakePhDDirector of Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Edgar A. DrydenPhDProfessor of English
John H. EnemarkPhDProfessor Emeritus of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Paula Ya-Mei FanPhDProfessor of Music
Xiaohui FanPhDProfessor of Astronomy
Joel FeinbergPhDProfessor of Philosophy and Law
Robert J. GlennonPhDLaw Instruction
Frank GohlkeMALaureate Professor, School of Art
Yetta M. GoodmanPhDProfessor Emeritus of Language and Reading
Ralph E. GriswoldPhDProfessor of Computer Science
Mark R. HausslerPhDProfessor of Basic Medical Sciences
C. Vance HaynesPhDProfessor Emeritus of Anthropology
John G. HildebrandPhDRegents Professor of Neuroscience
Jane H. HillPhDRegents Professor Emerita of Anthropology and Linguistics
Travis W. HirschiPhDProfessor Emeritus of Sociology
Audrey L. HollandPhDProfessor of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Victor J. HrubyPhDProfessor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Donald R. HuffmanPhDProfessor Emeritus of Physics
Malcolm K. HughesPhDProfessor of Dendrochronology
Donald M. HuntenPhDProfessor of Earth and Planetary Atmospheres
J. Randolph JokipiiPhDProfessor of Astronomy
Susan C. Karant-NunnPhDProfessor of History
Margaret G. KidwellPhDRegents Professor Emerita of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
W. David KingeryPhDRegents Professor of Anthropology and Materials Science and Engineering
Mary P. KossPhDProfessor of Public Health, Psychiatry, and Family & Community Medicine
Willis E. Lamb, Jr.PhDRegents Professor of Physics
Brian A. LarkinsPhDProfessor of Plant Sciences
John H. LawPhDProfessor Emeritus of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Keith E. LehrerPhDProfessor Emeritus of Philosophy
Diana M. LivermanPhDProfessor, Institute of the Environment, School of Geography and Development
Frank J. LowPhDRegents Professor of Astronomy (Deceased)
Renu MalhotraPhDProfessor of Planetary Sciences
Michael W. MarcellinPhDProfessor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Optical Sciences
Therese A. MarkowPhDProfessor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Fernando D. MartinezMDProfessor of Pediatrics
Oscar J. MartinezPhDProfessor of History
Toni M. MassaroJDProfessor of Law
H. Jay MeloshPhDProfessor of Geosciences
Pierre MeystrePhDProfessor of Physics and Optical Sciences
N. Scott MomadayPhDProfessor Emeritus of English
Nancy A. MoranPhDRegents Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Lynn NadelPhDProfessor of Psychology
Robert M. NettingPhDProfessor of Anthropology
Shlomo P. NeumanPhDProfessor of Hydrology and Water Resources
Alan C. NewellPhDProfessor of Mathematics
Mark A. NichterPhDProfessor of Anthropology
Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr.PhDProfessor of Management Information Systems
Heiko A. ObermanPhDProfessor of History
Howard OchmanPhDProfessor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
John W. OlsenPhDProfessor of Anthropology
Roy R. ParkerPhDRegents Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Jeanne E. PembertonPhDProfessor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
John L. PollockPhDProfessor of Philosophy
Marcia J. RiekeSc.D.Professor of Astronomy
George H. RiekePhDRegents Professor of Astronomy
Sydney E. SalmonMDProfessor of Medicine
Muriel R. Saville-TroikePhDProfessor Emerita of English
Michael SchallerPhDProfessor of History
Farhang ShadmanPhDProfessor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Optical Sciences
Richard W. SheltonPhDProfessor Emeritus of English
W. James ShuttleworthPhDProfessor of Hydrology and Water Resources
Charles P. SonettPhDProfessor Emeritus of Planetary Sciences
H. David SorenPhDProfessor of Art, Anthropology and Classics
Nicholas James StrausfeldPhDRegents Professor of Neuroscience
Peter A. StrittmatterPhDProfessor of Astronomy
Douglas G. StuartPhDProfessor Emeritus of Physiology
Thomas W. SwetnamPhDLaboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Barbara TimmermannPhDProfessor Emerita of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Leslie P. TolbertPhDProfessor of Cellular Biology and Anatomy
Gordon TollinPhDProfessor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Elizabeth VierlingPhDProfessor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
James R. WaitPhDProfessor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Frances Ann WalkerPhDProfessor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Michael A. WellsPhDProfessor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Allen S. WhitingPhDProfessor Emeritus of Political Science
Richard WilkinsonPhDProfessor of Classics
Arthur T. WinfreePhDProfessor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Henry I. YamamuraPhDProfessor of Pharmacology
Vladimir E. ZakharovPhDProfessor of Mathematics
Ofelia ZepedaPhDProfessor of Mathematics
Jonathan OverpeckPhDProfessor of Geosciences
Mary C. StinerPhDProfessor of Anthropology
Julia Clancy-SmithPhDProfessor of History
Bruce TabashnikPhDProfessor of Entomology

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