Sponsoring Research

Every day on the campus of the University of Arizona, faculty and students are pioneering breakthrough technologies and collaborating in innovative interdisciplinary ways that give our corporate and business partners a competitive edge. You’ll find us to be a partner eager to push boundaries and explore new possibilities.

Corporate Relations Arizona

A one-stop-shop for establishing linkages with researchers and other resources at the University of Arizona. This office also facilitates and manages strategic relationships between the UA and industry partners.

Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services (SPCS)

Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services is responsible for assisting faculty and staff with proposals, negotiation of grant and contract terms and conditions, guidance on the financial and administrative management of grants and contracts and training on research administration topics.

Office for the Responsible Conduct of Research

Facilitates the adherence of University research programs to the federally required compliance regulations and acts as a conduit for information that cuts across individual compliance areas in order to foster integrity in the scholarship and research carried out at the University.