The Story

The idea began with Shuree. The team met at a McGuire student social gathering. Each were responsible for bringing three ideas to pitch to each other and gauge interest. Shuree pitched her idea to Max, who also played piano. They joined as a team. Then they found the others. Their common thread is their interest in music, engineering and passion to improve education.

Problem to solve

Make practice fun


Consumers, schools and piano teachers

What they built

A virtual reality app that teaches people how to play piano

How the product works

See yourself playing in an environment of your choice — e.g., on stage with your favorite artist or as dueling pianos with someone from across the world. As you hit chords right, you get points.

Next steps

Test to see if the product increases learn-time. Show an investor that this will work. Prepare to pitch next to their McGuire peers at the Shark Tank-esque New Venture Competition on April 27th. Potential prize: $40K.



Diego Ramirez headshot


The environment at the engineering lab showed me how breakthroughs happen. How these people and this world works.

Originally from: Tucson, AZ

Diego chose Arizona for the science and engineering programs. He also loved the idea of business and couldn’t wait to get into the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program where he would go through the actual steps of starting a business.

Degree/Major: Engineering and Entrepreneurship

Additional Clubs or Professional Experience: Intern at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Lab

Dilnoza Inoyatova headshot


I met so many people at Arizona who inspired me to apply to organizations I wouldn’t have normally applied to. I saw a senior go through the McGuire program when I was a freshman and said 'I want that.'

Originally from: Uzbekistan

Dilnoza’s family moved to Omaha, NE, when she was nine years old. While watching the College Baseball World Series one year, she noticed that Wildcat fans outnumbered everyone else. That was it.

Degree/Major: Globals Studies and Entrepreneurship

Additional Clubs or Professional Experience: Chi Omega Sorority, Greek Standards Board Justice, ASUA Appropriations Board Director and interned at Goldman Sachs, UT, where her intern team won the international competition. She is returning to Goldman Sachs post-graduation.

Shuree Enkhbold Headshot


It’s a really tough job to be a doctoral candidate at Arizona’s school of music. Since this is the last stop of my study in this field I thought ‘why not do the most challenging?’

Originally from: Mongolia

Shuree is a renowned pianist and doctoral candidate who began her piano studies at age four. She came to Arizona to attend the Fred Fox School of Music, which is considered to be one of the most scholarly institutes in the field. Throughout her career, Shuree has worked on many projects where she’s expanded as an arts entrepreneur. When she heard about the McGuire program she felt compelled to apply.

Major: Piano Performance

Minor: Entrepreneurship

Additional Clubs or Professional Experience: Featured pianist in the documentary film “147 Pianos” that premiered in Chicago at CIMMFEST. In 2016, Shuree also gave her debut performance at Carnegie Weill Hall.

Max Oberholtzer headshot


I went to Japan through the Honors program. It was more academic than I thought it would be. Now I want to do more than just business. Computer science as well.

Originally from: Show Low, AZ

Max’s family are alumni so he "didn’t have a choice but to attend Arizona :)." Through the Honors program, he went to Japan where he stayed with a host family and visited Panasonic headquarters. Because of this experience, Max is writing his thesis on the differences between Japanese and American business culture.

Major: Finance and Entrepreneurship

Additional Clubs or Professional Experience: UA Honors College

Alex Lugo headshot


Coming to this university is one of the best things that I could have done. The business program is great, and the astronomy department is also top-notch. Now, I have many of the tools I need to succeed in my career after graduation.

Originally from: Douglas, AZ

Alex came to the University of Arizona because it was close to home, he enjoyed Tucson’s college-town feel, and because of the spectacular business program. He chose to enroll in the entrepreneurship program due to its national recognition and a natural fit within his field of study.

Major: Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Minor: Astronomy

Additional Clubs or Professional Experience: Legislative summer intern for Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington, D.C. in the office of Ruben Gallego; UA Honor’s College; Eller Hispanic Honorary; The Hispanic Scholarship Fund; and intern at NASA this coming summer.

Randy Accetta


Communications Mentor, McGuire Entrepreneurship Program

When I first started mentoring McGuire Program students I was struck by their passion to make a difference. The best McGuire students want to change the way things are done — not just for the sake of change but to do things better, to make lives more productive, safer and more enjoyable. That squares with my own personal goals, so I love working with students with that passion.

Randy has taught McGuire Program students new venture communication strategies since 2007. He is known for his candid and straightforward assessment of students’ work and their choices, balancing the lessons of the past with the possibilities of the new.

Randy also heads up a national running coaching program and owns Run Tucson, a local running company that enhances regional economic vitality and personal health.

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