The Guaranteed Tuition Program

What would cause UA parents to jump up and cheer? In this case it was not a winning touchdown or seeing their student graduate; it was learning about UA’s Guaranteed Tuition Program.  

The Guaranteed Tuition Program ensures all incoming undergraduates have fixed tuition for eight consecutive semesters. Now students and parents will know the exact cost of tuition through graduation, making planning and budgeting much more predictable.

This program was implemented July 2014 in response to the needs of both students and parents. “I understand how critical it is to keep education affordable,” UA President Ann Weaver Hart said when first announcing the program. “The UA wants to see students graduate with the tools they need to succeed in the workforce. To do that, we must make sure they can afford to attend.”

Benefits of UA’s Guaranteed Tuition Program

Students and parents will realize significant benefits through the Guaranteed Tuition Program:

Financial Planning
Next to buying a home, college tuition is the biggest expense most people face. Knowing tuition will not increase for eight semesters will help parents and students plan ahead both before and during their college experience. Fixing the cost of tuition also helps students reduce debt by planning better. For example, managing student loans is far easier when the cost of four years’ tuition is set upon entering UA. In addition, when a student knows their total tuition cost, they can plan their other expenses with greater certainty.

Encouraging Four-Year Degree Completion
UA’s Guaranteed Tuition Program encourages students to complete their degrees in four years and move forward to their desired career or graduate education. Students pay the same tuition through their eighth semester. Additional semesters are charged at higher, prevailing rates, making it a significant advantage for a student to complete their degree in four years!

Demystifying the cost of a UA education
The Guaranteed Tuition Program means there is no need to recalculate tuition expense every year for budgeting needs. No more anxiety waiting to see if there will be a tuition increase next year, or worrying about how much it will be! UA students say this plan will not only help them stay in school, but also help them manage their finances when they graduate.

More Good News!

The Guaranteed Tuition Program has been such a success, UA expanded the program in Fall 2015 to include mandatory fees as well.  This means both tuition and mandatory fees will be the same for eight semesters, adding another benefit to the program. 

Kathy Adams Riester, Associate Dean of Students and Director of UA Parent & Family Programs said, “We were thrilled to expand the success of the Guaranteed Tuition Program to include fees as well. This addition will allow our students and their parents to plan for their college expenses more predictably.”

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