Dive Into the UA's Think Tank

What frustrated student, during late-night algebra sessions, hasn't longingly imagined how much better his grades could be … if only he had a personal tutor? Here at the University of Arizona, your late-night, caffeine-fueled wish is our command! Thanks to the Think Tank, students have access to free tutoring sessions for the most popular classes into late hours of the night. You're welcome.

While the idea of slogging through a semester of calculus is less than thrilling to most students, folks at the Think Tank have created many helpful services and an environment to make students feel less like they're getting a root canal. The most accessible service offered is free drop-in tutoring for some of the most popular classes on campus, such as traditions and cultures, social and behavioral sciences, Spanish, and basic math and science. The hours vary, but tutors are available until 9 p.m. on most weeknights in all three Think Tank locations: the Nugent Building, Park Student Union and the Student Recreation Center.

Other awesome free services at the Think Tank include help with writing, weekly course reviews and peer mentors who can help you learn good study habits.

If you're seeking more in-depth support and are willing to shell out a little cash, the Think Tank also offers personal tutoring, learning and academic specialists who can help cater programs to your specific needs and exam preparation sessions – all from the comfort of campus.

While becoming a highlighter-obsessed, pocket-protector type of student might not be on your to-do list, keeping your GPA acceptable should be. So get your money's worth out of college by visiting the Think Tank! Check specific hours and tutoring schedules at studentaffairs.arizona.edu/thinktank.