Spring Fling Comes Back to Campus

Nov. 14, 2013

It’s back! Spring Fling will be back on campus next semester!

That’s right. The largest student-run carnival in the in the nation will be back on our dorm-steps.

After ten years at Rillito Downs, members of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) look forward to the move back to the UA Mall for the 40th anniversary. “We wanted to celebrate the 40th anniversary at the place where Spring Fling was conceived and where it was held for the first 25 years before it was moved off campus,” says Jared Young, Spring Fling Executive Director.

The first Spring Fling was held in 1974 on the mall and continued there until the construction of the Manuel Pacheco Integrated Learning Center moved it four miles north of campus; a move that caused dips in attendance and revenue.

But we bring home the tradition this spring with open arms and high expectations. The Spring Fling staff anticipates an increase in numbers from past years as the move back to campus will allow students to step out of class and support their clubs and organizations right in their backyard. Young also expects an energy on campus that has been different from any he’s ever experienced. “It’s going to be something that many people have not seen – even those who have worked here for the past 20 years. It’s going to be magical,” he says.

To make sure that it is a magical experience for all, Young and his team have met with members of the university and the community throughout the past couple of years to discuss and address any concerns. “We’ve created a comprehensive set of plans to make sure that every single contingency plan is accounted for, that we have a plan for every single possible thing that could happen and know how to mitigate any problems that do arise.”

The event will run start on Friday, April 11th and run through Sunday rather than the traditional Thursday through Sunday. To ease traffic and parking concerns, Young and his team plan to offer complimentary parking to select campus lots and provide designated parking and drop-off areas for guests. Bike valet may also be offered. The surrounding neighborhood will receive information packets and be given access to a hotline available for any concerns.

In honor of the anniversary, the Spring Fling team is hoping to bring history back to life with photos, stories and memories of past years. They are asking attendees past and present to send theirs to sfanniversaryemail.arizona.edu ()

Everyone is working tirelessly to deliver a flawless event because as Young reminds his team every week, Spring Fling is first and foremost a major fundraising event for the more than 500 UA clubs and organizations. For most of the participants, this is their biggest fundraising opportunity of the year. “This how they fund their programming, scholarships, events and so much more,” says Young.

The importance of Spring Fling reflects not only through the clubs and orgs, but also throughout campus and the Tucson community: the money raised goes right back into projects within the community and on campus. Plus, everyone can enjoy the food, games and rides. It’s a really great way to bring the city together and it’s here to stay – hopefully on campus!

Spring Fling