Recognizing Excellence Raises the Bar

April 23, 2012

Even having interned at three U.S. Attorney’s Offices, he graduated from law school a semester early. He acted as a prosecutor for the Pima County Attorney’s Office under a provision that allows law students to participate in cases. He worked as a campaign intern for former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, and later drafted memos in the prosecution of Giffords’s accused shooter. Before graduating, Balon was even able to appear in a federal courtroom “on behalf of the United States of America.” 

Because of accomplishments like these, Balon was selected as an “Outstanding Senior” in the James E. Rogers College of Law, an honor made possible by the University of Arizona Foundation

He is living his dream and he’s just 25. 

Balon’s ambition is personal: he is driven to do right by the families of victims of crime — families like his own. 

As a child, he watched his uncle become a pioneer in the victims’ rights movement after a relative was murdered. By 16, he was a law clerk, getting his first taste of how the law can change lives, and by 22 he had served as an aide on Capitol Hill. 

“I look at what my uncle did — turned a negative into a positive and helped people in similar situations, based on something that’s personal,” Balon said. “Prosecuting and helping people — victims of crime — is something I want to do because I don’t want others to experience what my family did, and I want criminals to be brought to justice.” 

Balon attended the University of Arizona as an undergraduate and as a law student, and says the University was key in his success. He worked tirelessly, taking classes during summer and winter sessions, in addition to spring and fall semesters. He joined and led student organizations to prepare wills for law enforcement and to learn about Indian law.  

And he took the bar exam in February 2012. 

“I’m lucky because I have a passion,” Balon said of his success. “I know what I want to do.” 

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