Inside "The Tank"

April 12, 2012

The University of Arizona is dedicated to ensuring every student’s academic success. There are many unique challenges that students may encounter academically: from struggling with the transition from high school to college to the difficult courses students may encounter in their academic career. With this in mind, the UA established the Think Tank: a tutoring service for students, by students.

Senior Aerospace Engineering major Brian Franz and sophomore Biochem major Nicole O’Connor have seen both sides of the Think Tank tutoring process; each went from being the tutored to becoming the tutor. “I struggled with time management as a freshman. Coming to the Think Tank really helped me exponentially”, said Brian. “It’s nice to see that I can help someone become better at something I’m good at.”

Nicole, Brian, and the other tutors at the Think Tank, have created a positive work environment for students who are struggling in classes ranging from Spanish to calculus to biology. “All the tutors are so smart and so willing to help,” says Nicole. “We’ve built a community where anyone can come in and ask a question without feeling uncomfortable.”

The Think Tank offers a wide variety of tutoring services in three locations across campus. Recently, the Think Tank has made online tutoring available for math and the writing center. The online tutoring can be used for students who are stuck on a part of an equation as well as for students who are away for the weekend and need help.

For those students who may be struggling, Brian and Nicole both recommend giving the Think Tank a try. “I love this place. I think it’s a great resource and really wish more students would use it because we have some phenomenal tutors here that can help you improve.”

So what are you waiting for, come check out the Think Tank!