The Freshman Experience

Aug. 31, 2011

The beginning of a new school year is often taken for granted by seasoned upperclassmen. We spoke with Kyle Callan, a brand new Wildcat from Northern California, as he navigated through Wildcat Welcome events and settled into his new life at Arizona.

So what was the first event you decided to go to?

KC: I came to the Wildcat Life Fair to get more information about on-campus jobs. In addition to being informed about the many jobs available on campus, I found out how to become a member of PAIN, which was useful to me since I am a pre-nursing student.

Wildcat Fiesta was a new event this year. How was that?

KC: Even though the Wildcat Fiesta offered tons of free food and a lot of information about UA, the best part to me was the all the new people I met. My roommate Andy and I met a foreign exchange student from Japan and a girl who is a fellow pre-nursing major. Also, I was chosen to sing “Bear Down” with a group of students in front of everyone. I don’t think Wilbur Wildcat appreciated my Texas Longhorns hat.

Did they really close down Target just for new students?!

KC: Not only was Target After Hours the most enjoyable event during Welcome Week, it was the most intense! Just to get on the bus ride to Target, I had to push my way through a mob of students that were all fighting for a seat. I was the only one of my group of friends to even get on the bus. But the crowds were not over, as it was just as difficult to maneuver inside of Target. The checkout line almost circled the entire inside of the store! 

New Student Convocation is an important part of every new school year. Did President Sander help get you ready to start classes?

KC: I didn’t really know what to expect from the New Student Convocation, but at its conclusion I was pleased because it felt like a class-unifying event.  The speakers got the crowd pumped by informing us that we are the largest class the UA has ever had-- 7393 students! I think the opening address by school president Dr. Eugene G. Sander was the best part of the event.  He gave simple, but wise advice to myself and the rest of the class of 2015-show up, get into a routine, make smart decisions, and GET INVOLVED!