Behind the Scenes with the SPF Crew

July 19, 2011

Ben Oman, Ben “Monty” Montemayor, and Keith Wagner, all Media Arts majors, have the always-interesting job of behind-the-scenes camera wizards for SPF.

It’s pretty common to feel like a newbie when starting a new job, but joining a zany staff like SPF comes with a whole new level of hazing. When Keith first started working on the videos, “I had to act in an SPF bit as a bored freshman. It was fine until I saw the finished product on the big screen at Orientation and Ben had removed almost all the coloring in the shot leaving me pale as a ghost.”

When the crew gets wind of a new event on campus, they start brainstorming concepts for the episode. “These creative sessions would always start off great, but they usually resulted with us arguing with the fiery burning passion of a thousand suns. However, once the tears were wiped away and the fatal wounds bandaged, we would finally settle upon a concept and move forward to write the script,” Ben explains. (Notice Ben's affection for hyperbole? We did too.)

After the script is perfect, the guys head out to film Kyle and Kacy around campus, but things always get in the way. “It seems like whenever Kyle and Kacy begin a shot, the wind picks up, or the sun ducks behind the clouds, or a maintenance worker drags a cart by in the background, or they forget their lines!” says Monty.

Once all of the scenes are filmed, Ben spends hours editing them together and adding music. “During the school year when I had that ‘being a full-time student’ thing going on, some nights I was here until 1 or 2 in the morning wrapping up a video.”

“Often the video doesn’t look like how you imagined it, and it can also evolve into something you weren’t expecting to create—which is both exciting and scary,” said Monty.

Keep your eyes open for new videos and a new feel to SPF when school starts again!

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