Lazy days of summer? Not at the UA!

April 21, 2011

Summer is coming. Fast. Before you know it, finals will be over, and then you’ll realize you have nothing planned for the next three months. So let’s go through some possible scenarios post final exams…

1. Are you staying in Tucson?

2. Are you going back to wherever it is you come from?

3. Do you have a summer job?

4. Do you like to keep busy?

If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, signing up for summer courses is for you! While you’re in Tucson, you do NOT want to waste your time! Get a class or two out of the way. But even if you’re not going to be in town, there are plenty of classes offered online. Sleep in and work on class assignments in your pajamas. Nobody has to know. Finally, if you’re planning on working, admit if – you’re still going to have free time! Bring in some money, rake in some school credit, and have the most satisfying summer – full of productivity. Summer school is the answer.

Get some credits and keep some of those brain cells active this summer. Enroll in everything from general education to upper division degree specific courses!

You’ve got three chances: Pre-Session (May), First Session (June), and Second Summer Session (July). Do the math. Spend your time in a classroom for four MONTHS or get the same credits in just four WEEKS. It’s your time, and you know it’s valuable.

Registration’s already open.

UA Summer Session: Registration and Information