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Go Beyond your own Beaten Path

Looking to get outside your comfort zone? Draw inspiration from the unique paths available at Arizona and meet others who may become your friends for life. Like Chain Gang Junior Honorary members (Alli Hayes, pictured above), who share special, lasting friendships beyond their year as "links."

"I want to change the world."


If you’d like to jump into politics, start big by running for the ASUA student senate or join one of the political clubs on campus. “For me, it was really my passion and drive for helping other students that led me to get involved with ASUA,” says Matthew Rein, class of 2019.

Passionate about environmental issues, Rein has been involved in groups like the Green Fund. “We were tasked with the responsibility of allocating around $400,000 to different sustainable projects around the community. It’s amazing to already be doing work that really impacts the world around us.”


Matthew Rein, class of 2019

Matthew Rein, class of 2019, is pursuing a double major in law and political science.


"I want to see the world."


Study abroad and develop the skills employers are looking for — adaptability, problem solving and creativity. For Edward Monteverde Jr., class of 2019, those skills were on full display during his time on the Research in Munich program.

“The program taught me valuable skills in design, project development and using resources to solve problems,” says Monteverde. He also test-drove a Tesla and can't wait to take what he learned about electric drive motors and modeling into his future endeavors. Think you can’t graduate in four years and go abroad? We’ve found that students who do graduate faster, and with higher GPAs than the average UA student.


Edward Monteverde, a UA Study Abroad student in Munich

Mechanical Engineering major Edward Monteverde spent the summer of 2018 in Munich, Germany. UA Study Abroad offers over 150 programs in 60 countries around the world.


"I want to make new friends and
contribute to the community."


You don’t have to run for office or chair a committee to get involved. Joining the Greek system or other honorary societies can be great ways to form close friendships and give back to the local, national and global community.

Just last year, the Phi Beta Sigma LKS Chapter — the first African American fraternity to have a chapter house on campus — launched a new program aimed at reducing deaths and injuries due to impaired motorists. As part of their Sigmas Against Impaired Driving initiative, members strive to provide enough free cab rides to offset the previous year’s impaired driving death toll.


Students in UA shirts smiling together in a group

It’s easier than you think to meet new people. Join an organization that fits your passions, aspirations or desire to give back.


Get Involved

Discover a myriad of ways to forge your own path during your time as a Wildcat. Click here to explore fun clubs and exciting activities.


UA students participating in an outdoor group activity

"I want to get creative."


The University has incredible arts programs for aspiring actors, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, painters and poets. Have a passion for prose? Join the Main Library Poetry Circle with monthly discussions about different poets. Music lovers, find opportunities to perform in your free time, from joining the marching band to exploring a cappella stylings.

Kelsey Borgstadt, class of 2019, found her place on campus by accident. “I’m studying classics and anthropology, which I didn’t really expect to pursue initially. I’ve always loved history, so I took a general education course my freshman year and decided that this is what I enjoyed, academically.”


Kelsey Borgstadt, class of 2019

Kelsey's love of music led her to become an alto saxophone player in the Pride of Arizona marching band.


"I want to explore the great outdoors."


The University of Arizona is famed for its outstanding science opportunities, and it’s a major hub for astronomy — thanks in part to the dark desert skies. You can do some star-gazing yourself at the Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium. Located right on campus, Flandrau opens its 16-inch telescope outdoors several evenings a week and a volunteer astronomer is on-hand to answer questions.

Slightly more grounded adventures can be found through Campus Recreation’s Outdoor Rec programs, where you can explore just about everything from learning to SCUBA dive in the desert to surfing in San Diego.


Image taken at the Steward Observatory

Nothing compares to the skies here — from brilliant sunsets to monsoon lightning and stellar beauty every night.


"I want to find my crew."


With an undergraduate student population of more than 30,000, discovering your niche and bonding with likeminded folks can sometimes feel like a daunting task at the UA. That’s where smaller clubs and organizations can make a world of difference as you connect to a community you can call your own.

When Fatuma Haji, class of 2020, began her career as a Wildcat, she struggled initially to find her place on campus. “As a first-generation college student, I ended up finding community through my involvement on campus,” says Haji, who’s double majoring in political science and journalism. “Some of my most meaningful experiences beyond the classroom include mentoring younger students planning to pursue STEM careers in the Mathematics, Engineering, Science and Achievent program and being an active member of the Elgie M. Batteau Honor Society (the UA’s first African-American honor society).”


Fatuma Haji and other students

Fatuma Haji (second in from the left), class of 2020 and a first-generation college student, found her community by getting involved on campus.



UA Pride of Arizona marching band

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