Wildcat Weekends

Wildcat Weekends: Hey you! Want to do something cool this weekend? Sure you do! Read on for more
October 25, 2013

As students, we spend our weeks in class, in the library, sprawled next to mountains of books on the floor of our dorms. We listen, take notes, study, write, and rewrite.

But it’s the weekends we live for. Ready? Let’s go!


If you’re one of the lucky ones, a 2pm class on Thursday marks the beginning of your weekend. While some students like to start on University Boulevard. for a meal or a night out – cough, been there done that – others might head over to the UA Poetry Center to hear local and national writers read from their works. The UA’s own Ofelia Zepeda and Arizona State Poet Laureate, Alberto Álvaro Rios have been featured at the beautiful glass-walled library.

Down on Fourth Avenue, Casa Libre de la Solana invites you to hang out in their living room with local and travelling writers like poet Valerie Hsuing and author Farid Matuk (who is a professor at the UA!) as they share their work and inspire you to pursue your own artistic outlets.


First things first, if there is a home football game on Saturday, you better be at Bear Down Friday. As the official pep rally for the game, hundreds of students, parents, and the Tucson community come together to cheer our team to victory. Jump right into the crowd and join speakers such as Vice President for Athletics Greg Byrne and junior Wildcat fans as they lead UA fight songs. It’s a good time. You should be there.

After you’ve gotten your Bear Down fill, head over to the Loft Cinema to catch some late-night movie magic. For generations, the Loft has been a Tucson staple for weird, independent (amazing!) films and festivals. Catch a movie from Tucson’s local filmmakers or a cult-classic like Beetlejuice. Get there early to grab a slice of their amazing pizza and score a seat on the couches.


Check the calendar! Is it the 2nd week of the month? Is it Saturday? Then get downtown because you’ve got a lot to see. Food, music, art, FOOD. Welcome to 2nd Saturdays. With so many events happening at pretty much every venue, shop, and restaurant, you’re going to want to get there early and stay late. Local artists like Calexico will fill your ears as you fill your stomach with food from Café Poca Cosa, The HUB, and many other incredible restaurants.

As the night trickles away, drive up to Gates Pass for some serious stargazing. A tip from our photographers: take your camera to snap some shots of the gorgeous Tucson skyline. Word around town is that it’s a pretty good place to take a date. But you didn’t hear that from me.


Wake up early to grab your week’s worth of homegrown local produce at the St. Philip's Farmer’s Market. The market is the largest in Tucson and features local cuisine such as tamales and desert honey. You can grab the best of the best produce and try tons of new food you’ve never even thought of before. You can also get chatty and learn some pro gardening tips from the vendors.

Don’t go home just yet! You have the whole day to enjoy Tucson’s amazing hiking and biking trails. Hike Seven Falls and you may find some running water – yes, ACTUAL running water. Don’t want to hike? The Loop is a 55-mile bike path that stretches across town and offers some of the most incredible mountain views in the city. Fun fact: Tucson boasts the highest amount of bike lane miles in the country.

Special Events

So it’s not technically the weekend, but it’s good for you. Meet Me at Maynards is a long-standing walk/run hosted every Monday. Join runners of all skill levels for a four-mile route across downtown. It’s an incredibly healthy way to hang out with friends and at the end you can stay for dinner. It’s a definite win-win.

From December through June, Broadway in Tucson comes to Centennial Hall! FromMamma Mia to American Idiot, the very best touring casts visit Tucson to get you singing and dancing with them. It’s like having a little piece of New York right outside your dorm. And you get to sing along in Centennial! Take that two-hour lecture!