Graduate & Professional Education Teaching & Mentoring Awards

This award acknowledges faculty and professionals who excel in their teaching and mentoring of graduate students.

John J.B. Allen PhD Distinguished Professor, Psychology
Patricia Anders PhD Distinguished Professor of Reading in the Language, Reading and Culture
Arthur Andrews PhD Dorothy H. and Lewis Rosenstiel Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law & Senior Lecturer
Diana Archangelli PhD Professor of Linguistics
Barbara Atwood PhD Mary Anne Richey Professor Emerita of Law; Director, Family and Juvenile Certificate Program
Robert Bales PhD Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Meg Lola Brown PhD Professor of Modern Languages, Director of the Graduate Literature Program, Director of Graduate Studies
Andrew Carnie PhD Interim Dean, Graduate College
David Christenson PhD Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
Brian Crisp PhD Associate Professor of Political Science
Nancy J. Parezo PhD Professor of American Indian Studies
Karen S. Schumaker PhD Professor of Plant Sciences and Molecular and Cellular Biology