Fulbright Scholars - Council for International Exchange of Scholars


Jefferey Burgess MD Professor, Public Health
Betul Czerkawski PhD Associate Professor, Educational Technology & Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
John Ehiri PhD Professor, Public Health
Melissa Fitch PhD Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Jeannine Relly PhD Associate Professor, Journalism
Jerzy Rozenblit PhD Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering



Suzanne Dovi PhD Associate Professor, School of Government and Public Policy
Stephen Kobourov PhD Professor, Computer Science
Craig Palmer MD Professor, Anesthesiology
Mike Proctor JD International Education Administrator Seminar
Nicolette Teufel-Shone PhD Professor, Public Health
Zain Khalpey MD Associate Professor, Surgery



Benedict Colombi PhD Associate Professor, School of Anthropology, Associate Professor (American Indian Studies, School of Natural Resources and Environment)
Bane Vasić PhD Professor of Engineering
Sama Alshaibi PhD Associate Professor, Art
Christopher Castro PhD Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
Roger Nichols PhD Emeritus Professor of History and Affiliate Professor of American Indian Studies
Richard Ziolkowski PhD Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor of Optical Sciences
Christian Collberg PhD Professor, Computer Science



Alberto Arenas PhD Teaching/Learning and Sociocultural Studies
Wendell Ela   Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Frank Gohlke   School of Art
Dale LaFleur Director, Institutional Relations International Education Administrator Program
Jenny Lee PhD Educational Policy Studies and Practice
Adel Barker PhD Professor, Russian and Slavic Studies
David Gantz PhD Professor, Law



Thomas DeGomez PhD Associate Extension Specialist
Grace Fielder PhD Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies
A.J. Timothy Jull PhD Professor of Geosciences and Physics
Linda Lumsden PhD Associate Professor of Journalism
Marcela Vasquez-Leon PhD Associate Professor in Anthropology and Associate Research Anthropologist
Norma González PhD Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies
Brendan Thomson MD College of Medicine-Phoenix



Carol Bender MSSS Distinguished Outreach Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology
William E. Boyd JD, LLM Chester Smith Professor Emeritus of Law
Michael M. Brescia PhD Head of Research & Associate Curator of Ethnohistory, Arizona State Museum
Melissa A. Fitch PhD Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Virginia LeBaron MS, ACNP-BC, AOCN Clinical Associate Professor of Nursing
Avigdor Leftin PhD Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Lesley P. Newman   Peace Corps Recruiter
Supapan Seraphin PhD Professor, Materials Science and Engineering



Rodney D. Adam MD Professor Emeritus of Medicine
Anne Browning-Aiken PhD Senior Researcher, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy
Lesley D. Frame BS IGERT Trainee
Jeffrey J. O Sallaz PhD Associate Professor of Sociology



Maribel Alvarez PhD Research Social Scientist
Jefferey Burgess PhD Associate Professor and Director, Community, Environment and Policy
James Cunningham PhD Research Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine
Reid G. Fontaine JD, PhD Assistant Professor of Psychology and Associate Professor of Law; Co-Director, Program in Criminal Law and Policy
Barron J. Orr PhD Associate Specialist, Arid Lands



Mary Beth Adam   Lecturer, Pediatrics
Emmanuel T. Akporiaye PhD Professor Emeritus of Immunobiology
Stephanie J. Buechler   Lecturer, School of Geography and Development
Reid Fontaine PhD Assistant Professor of Psychology
Marie A. Griego-Jones PhD Associate Professor of Teaching & Teacher Education
Christopher K. Jones   Associate Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Donald Slack PhD Professor and Head, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
James T. Watson PhD Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Assistant Curator of Bioarchaeology



Mary Adam MD Clinical Lecturer of Pediatrics
David Chisholm PhD Professor and Chair, German Studies
Eniko Enikov PhD Associate Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Nicole Guidotti-Hernandez PhD Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies
Ellen McMahon PhD Associate Professor of Art
Beretta Smith-Shomade PhD Associate Professor of Media Arts
Gonda VanSteen PhD Associate Professor of Classics



George Burr PhD Research Scientist, Physics
Joseph Galaskiewicz PhD Professor of Sociology
Stephen Kobourov PhD Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Barbara Kosta PhD Associate Professor of German Studies
Anna Marie O'Leary PhD Adjunct Faculty, Lecturer



Dennis Larson PhD Associate Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Gary David Thompson PhD Professor of Production Economics, Operations Research



Irene S D'Almeida PhD Professor of French and Francophone African Literature
Kevin M Fitzsimmons PhD Professor, Extension Specialist and Research Scientist
Ana Maria Merico-Stephens PhD Associate Professor of Law and Affiliated Professor of Latin American Studies
Richard E Michod PhD Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology