Resources for Inclusive Classrooms and Workplaces

Practical materials to assist faculty and staff in maximizing the benefits of diversity within their departments, teaching, scholarship, and service.

Benefits of Inclusion in Higher Education (PDF)
Summarizes the educational benefits of inclusion and delineates why inclusion is relevant to universities and colleges.

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments (PDF)
Offers a summary of the educational benefits of diversity and suggestions for creating inclusive learning environments.

Cultural Competency in Health Care, Arizona Hispanic Center for Excellence
Advances the health of all Americans by producing the highest quality scholarship, research and training for the next generation of diverse and culturally fluent health care providers.

Cultural Models (PDF)
Outlines how we all have cultural models (i.e., maps containing culturally derived ideas and practices that are enacted in everyday life, Fryberg & Markus, 2007) that may influence how we define success in the academy.

Disability Information for Instructors, Disability Resources Center
Shares information to ensure equal access and participation for students with disabilities. Find information ranging from recommended syllabi statements, instructor notification of students' disability accommodations to general guidelines for designing accessible courses and the challenges and strategies of ensuring access when using various teaching methodologies.

Diversity Advertising Resources, UA Human Resources
Continually updates its list of publications and resources where jobs may be advertised.

Diversity in Residence Life
Offers contact information for the Diversity in the UA Residence Halls.

General Guidelines for Designing Accessible Classes, Disability Resource Center
Provides instructional strategies for all students and that are especially effective in assuring access for students with disabilities.

Grant Information, Facilitation, and Training Center
Serves as a clearinghouse for UA grant seekers to access proposal preparation assistance, commonly requested proposal attachments, and grant information. Research grants to support your diversity related projects.

Guide to Successful Searches
Provides UA employers an array of resources and guidelines to ensure searches are open, fair, and inclusive.

Mentoring Basics (PDF)
Describes effective mentoring and associated best practices. Adapted from UA’s Center for Research on Equity and Opportunity and UA ADVANCE.

Pedagogical Resources, Office of Instruction and Assessment
Offers resources to promote a student centered educational process which includes encouraging instructors: to understand students’ educational backgrounds, use multiple teaching approaches, and collaborate with students as partners in their learning (e.g., Learner-Centered Education).

Requirements for International Teaching Assistants
Presents resources available for international graduate students seeking Graduate Assistants in Teaching (GATs).

Resources Related to Excellence (ADVANCE Project)
Lists online resources related to excellence, equity, and diversity in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Sample topics include climate, hiring, evaluation and mentoring.

Stereotype Threat in the Academy (PDF)
Focuses on the empirically based findings illuminating the impact of stereotype threat on academic performance. PDF is in attached folder.

Stereotype Threat Overview (PDF)
A Summary of research on the phenomenon known as stereotype threat, or the risk of confirming a stereotype about one’s social group through one’s own performance (Steele and Aronson,1995) and strategies to reduce stereotype threat on college campuses. This overview is adapted from Reducing Stereotype Threat.Org by Steve Stroessner and Catherine Good.

Tips for Recruiting Diverse Faculty
Lists helpful strategies and tactics for diversifying the population of university faculty.

Unconscious Bias, Avoiding Bias in Reading and Writing Evaluations (PDF)
Summarizes descriptive phrases associated with gender or race that may influence evaluations. Adapted from UA’s Center for Research on Equity and Opportunity and UA ADVANCE.

Unconscious/Hidden Bias (PDF)
A primer provides an overview of unconscious bias. Adapted from, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. PDF Attached. Unconscious Bias in Evaluation Research Overview (PDF) summarizes research findings specifically focusing on unconscious bias in evaluation in non academic and academic settings. Adapted from UA’s Center for Research on Equity and Opportunity and UA ADVANCE.

Unconscious Bias, Interview Toolkit (PDF)
Shares empirically based tips for minimizing the influence of unconscious bias in the hiring process. Adapted from UA’s Center for Research on Equity and Opportunity and UA ADVANCE.

Exploring Unconscious Bias Through UA’s Millennial Project’s (PDF)
Findings indicate that students come to college with a basic understanding of diversity and educators need to move into social justice education to best address student needs. PDF Attached.

Unconscious Bias in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Presents a collection of resources about unconscious bias in an academic environment and how to help eradicate biased behavior.

Universal Design, Disability Resources Center
Offers a conceptual framework for designing and developing inclusive environments.

Veterans Education and Transition Services (V.E.T.S.)
Assists in the successful educational advancement and reintegration of disabled veterans through the development of physical, academic, social and career skills.