Diversity Research Programs

Arizona Hispanic Center for Excellence
Works to increase the number of Latino/Hispanic physicians, enhance health research on the Latino/Hispanic population in the Southwest, and improve the cultural competency of health care services for Latino/Hispanic communities.

Center for Research on Equity and Opportunity/ADVANCE
Seeks to actively advance the UA’s research and scientific reputation by ensuring all scientists regardless of gender have the opportunity to excel and to be recognized for their achievement. 

Disability Studies Collaborative
Strives to examine how addressing disability in its full complexity can promote the participation, self-determination, and equal citizenship of people with disabilities in society. 

LGBT Institute
Serves to develop curriculum, promote research, and present public programming that addresses the histories, politics, and cultures of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Arizona, nationally and globally.

Millennial Student Project
A 4-year study following the class of 2009, assessing students’ perspectives on diversity, and following their development.

Native American Cancer Research Partnership 
Equips the next generation of researchers and health care professional with the tools necessary to bring about sustained improvement of health to Native American communities.

Southwest Institute for Research on Women
Improves the lives of women and girls through interdisciplinary and collaborative research and action projects covering a broad spectrum of issues ranging from health and wellness to education, employment, and the arts.

Veteran’s Reintegration and Education Project
Assists in the successful educational advancement and reintegration of disabled veterans through the development of physical, academic, social, and career skills.