National Academy of Sciences

J. Roger P. AngelPhDDirector-Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory, Director-Center for Astronomical Adaptive Optics, and Astronomy, Regents Professor of Astronomy and Optical Sciences
W. David ArnettPhDProfessor of Astronomy
Nicolaas BloembergenPhDProfessor of Physics
William BowersPhDProfessor of Entomology
Vicki L. ChandlerPhDProfessor of Plant Sciences and Molecular & Cellular Biology
William DickinsonPhDProfessor of Geosciences
C. Vance HaynesPhDProfessor Emeritus of Anthropology
John G. HildebrandPhDRegents Professor of Neuroscience
Donald M. HuntenPhDProfessor of Earth and Planetary Atmospheres (Deceased)
J. Randolph JokipiiPhDProfessor of Astronomy
Robert C. KennicuttPhDProfessor of Astronomy
Margaret G. KidwellPhDRegents Professor Emerita of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Willis E. Lamb, Jr.PhDRegents Professor of Physics
Brian A. LarkinsPhDProfessor of Plant Sciences
John H. LawPhDProfessor Emeritus of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Frank J. LowPhDRegents Professor of Astronomy (Deceased)
Jonathan LuninePhDProfessor of Planetary Science & Physics
Renu MalhotraPhDProfessor of Orbital Dynamics, Theoretical Astrophysics
H. Jay MeloshPhDProfessor of Geosciences
Nancy A. MoranPhDRegents Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Roy R. ParkerPhDRegents Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Marcia J. RiekePhDRegents Professor of Astronomy
George H. RiekePhDRegents Professor of Astronomy


National & International Awards


University Awards & Honors