Distinguished Professors

University Distinguished Professor awards honor faculty who have made sustained contributions of consistent educational excellence and have demonstrated outstanding commitment to undergraduate education.

Susan H. AikenPhDProfessor of English
John J.B. AllenPhDProfessor of Psychology
Eric A. BettertonPhDProfessor of Atmospheric Sciences
Peter M. BeudertMFAProfessor of Design & Technology, School of Theatre, Film & Television
William S. BickelPhDProfessor Emeritus of Physics
Paul BlowersPhDAssociate Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Judith BronsteinPhDProfessor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Gail D. BurdPhDProfessor of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Robert F. ButlerPhDProfessor Emeritus of Geosciences
Christopher Franklin CarrollPhDLecturer Emeritus of English
James W. ClarkePhDProfessor Emeritus of Political Sciences
Albrecht ClassenPhDProfessor of German Studies
Richard A. CosgrovePhDProfessor Emeritus of History
Richard A. DemersPhDProfessor of Linguistics
Harold W. DixonPhDProfessor of Theatre Arts
George E. GehrelsPhDProfessor of Geosciences
Jerrold E. HoglePhDProfessor of English
Wanda H. HowellPhDProfessor of Nutritional Sciences
Christopher D. ImpeyPhDProfessor of Astronomy
Harold P. LarsonPhDProfessor Emeritus of Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
James F. LaSallePhDProfessor Emeritus of Management Information Systems
David O. LomenPhDProfessor of Mathematics
Clifford M. LytlePhDProfessor Emeritus of Political Science
William G. McCallumPhDProfessor of Mathematics
Carrol McLaughlinPhDProfessor of Music
Delbert D. PhillipsPhDProfessor of Russian and Slavic Studies
Mary PoultonPhDProfessor and Department Head, Mining and Geological Engineering
Dennis T. RayPhDProfessor of Plant Sciences
J. Jefferson ReidPhDProfessor of Anthropology
Robert H. RobichauxPhDProfessor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Jerzy RozenblitPhDProfessor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Avelino Eduardo SaezPhDProfessor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Charles ScruggsPhDProfessor of English
William Yslas VelezPhDProfessor of Mathematics
Raymond E. White, Jr.PhDProfessor of Astronomy
Paul WilsonPhDProfessor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Andrew S. CohenPhDProfessor of Geosciences, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Frederick P. KieferPhDProfessor of English
Vicente TalanquerPhDProfessor of Biochemistry


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